Jack Daly

Sales Trainer and Sales Coaching Expert

Jack Daly is an skilled sales trainer and sales coaching expert, offering dramatic keynote and general session presentations, in-depth seminars and lively sales training courses that inspire audiences to take action in the areas of sales planning, customer loyalty and personal sales training courses. Jack draws upon 20 plus years of business experience, including several stints as CEO of fast-growing companies. Jack’s previous role as a sales trainer has helped him craft “street tested” sales trainer methodologies. His professional sales trainer “know-how” has turned Jack into accomplished sales coaching authority and author of books like Real World Sales Strategies That Work and Daily Sales Motivators.

Jack is an inspirational sales trainer specializing in public speaking, webcasts, e-training and sales training courses. Jack’s history as a CEO and entrepreneur has provided him with first-hand knowledge of the sales industry and how to make the most of any company.

Hyper Sales Growth

Publication Date: April 2014

Jack Daly is an international expert in sales and sales management, bringing 30 plus years of field proven experience from a starting base with CPA firm Arthur Andersen to the CEO level of several national companies.

Hyper Sales Growth is a deep dive into three critical areas, including:

1. Building a winning culture in your business. The thrust here is creating an environment in your business where your employees don’t begrudgingly come into work, but rather are excited to be working at your company. If we get the culture right, everything else in our business will be easier. If we don’t get it right, all else will be hard.

2. Sales Management. The emphasis here is on recruiting top performers, coaching, training and building a high performance sales team. A sales manager’s job is not to grow sales, but to grow salespeople, in quantity and quality. They in turn will grow your sales.

3. Sales. Here are the systems and processes that top performing sales professionals are using to separate themselves from the rest. Winning new customers, growing the ones they have and differentiating themselves from the competition. It’s about identifying the key activities that need to be performed on a daily basis, ensuring proactive pipeline management, creating perception of value, leveraging the internet and employing an effective touch system.

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