James Harold Webb

Chairman & CEO at Paradigm Development Group, LLC

Business trailblazer, philanthropist, husband, father, friend, and mentor, James Webb has been a pioneer and leader in numerous successful business endeavors. Today, he is an investor, advisor, and chairman, sharing his experience and insights with those who wish to chart their own successful future, to dictate their own path in business and in life.

Redneck Resilience

Publication Date: April 2021


James Webb’s life is the American dream in a nutshell. Born to teenage parents in Laurel, Mississippi, and faced with a future working in the town’s only two factories, James chose to change his fate and forge his own path―to become a titan of business, a mentor, and a philanthropist.

In Redneck Resilience, James shares stories of amazing wins and devastating losses, of sin and redemption, of recovery and forward momentum. Most importantly, he discusses the benefits and advantages of resilience. James uses his own life to illustrate truths about success in life and in business, including:

• Failures happen, and resilience vanquishes failure.

• No lesson or experience is ever wasted.

• When opportunity presents itself, take the risk.

• A true entrepreneur works for no one.

• You cannot succeed on your own.

• And much more.

Resilient people never take their eye off where they’re going, even when they get knocked down. They refocus. Resilience isn’t worried about the odds. Resilience finds a way.

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