James R. Holloway

Principal of Texas Financial and Retirement, LLC

James R. Holloway Sr., Principal of Texas Financial and Retirement, LLC, has spent 25 years helping clients to create and grow wealth, protect and preserve their life savings, establish a comfortable retirement income and plan for the distribution of their estate in the most tax efficient manner. James Sr. is a recognized leader in the industry and has received countless civic and professional awards. He is also an active member of the Better Business Bureau of East Texas as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

Retire Ready

Publication Date: December 2014


We have all worked hard in life. We’ve gone to school, chased careers, raised families, and are now getting ready to enjoy the freedom of retirement. But the world has changed since we first joined the workforce. Threats to our wealth like inflation, taxes, hidden fees, and rising health care costs make it hard to know if our money is going to go the distance. Don’t let these unnecessary fears steal another minute of joy from your retirement dreams. Certified financial and retirement advisor, James Holloway Sr., can help you to retire knowing that your nest egg will last beyond your needs. He developed the proven strategies presented in this book over a 25-year career in the industry. The straight-forward, step-by-step retirement plan will show you where you stand today, giving you the roadmap to safely maximize your resources all the way through retirement—in good times and bad. With a customized retirement plan designed specifically for your needs and goals, you can retire ready. James Holloway Sr. can help you make it happen.

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