James Weiss

Cofounder, Weiss-Merkle Financial LLC

James Weiss is a Chartered Financial Consultant® and cofounder of Weiss-Merkle Financial LLC, with more than 14 years of financial planning experience.  James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Upper Iowa University as well as a master’s degree in financial planning and services from The American College. You can watch James when he hosts “The Weiss-Merkle Financial Show” on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. on ABC5. James lives in Johnston, Iowa, with his wife and two children.

New Retirement Standard

Publication Date: February 2017

If you’re taking a vacation to Europe, you’ll probably make a plan. You might book a flight, reserve hotel rooms, make travel arrangements, and create an agenda to ensure a successful trip. But why plan so much for a vacation and not for your retirement?

A financial plan is your roadmap to retirement, and in The New Retirement Standard, financial planning professionals James Weiss and Loren Merkle share how you can craft a plan to protect your wealth and maximize your resources. You’ll learn how to build a team of experts, handle taxes, manage risk, preserve your legacy, and―ultimately―follow your retirement roadmap to prosperity.

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