Jay Geier

Founder, Scheduling Institute

Jay Geier founded The Scheduling Institute in 1997, which has since helped more doctors and dentists transform their practices into thriving businesses than any other company in the world. Using his more than thirty years of experience running businesses, he’s connected with tens of thousands of professionals in the medical industry to help them grow and streamline their practice. Considered the doctor of doctors, he began the Scheduling Institute after surviving cancer himself to make the biggest difference he could possibly make in the lives of dentists and doctors―and, thus, their patients― worldwide. Jay and his wife, Diane, have three kids and live in Alpharetta, Georgia.

New Patients Now

Publication Date: October 2017

If you find yourself working all the time but feeling like you and your business aren’t getting anywhere, you’re not alone. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re successful, and the stress of wearing yourself thin doesn’t make the road to success any smoother. Jay M. Geier is here to show you that setting out on the road to take back your business can be easier than you think.

This book is the beginning of your journey. In the chapters ahead, you will learn the complete framework for increasing your clients, streamlining your practice, and how you can do so in ninety days or less. And that’s only the beginning. Commit to intentionally building your practice instead of letting it control you and watch yourself accomplish things you never dreamed were possible.

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