John Cotton

Founder - Dental Team Performance

John Cotton is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and business strategist. In the last 27 years, he has founded six businesses in multiple niche industries. Serving more than 1,200 clients in 44 states, the collective increase in new revenue for these clients exceeds $400 million. In 2009, John founded Dental Team Performance after a happenstance encounter with his next-door neighbor—his dentist. DTP is dedicated to evaluating and executing the strategies that grow production for dental practices by focusing on the easiest and the fastest route to predictable, significant sustainable production. In addition to DTP’s exceptional results for their clients, they recently launched a division to train and develop qualified professionals to serve dentists in specific areas throughout the USA.

How To Grow Your Dental Practice In The New Economy

Publication Date: May 2014

Want to grow your dental practice in the new economy? Examine what you are doing today and diagnose the best treatment for your practice moving forward. You know the Great Recession created big problems for many dentists. It exposed dental practices to inefficient and ineffective processes, protocols and skills that suppressed production growth. The problem areas, primarily, are: No-shows and cancellations, fewer new patients and referrals, and fewer cases completed. There is no leeway in today’s dental practices for operational inefficiencies. Inside these pages, you’ll discover the 5 key strategies to predictable, significant and sustainable results!

1. How to create consistently exceptional Patient Experiences
2. Why a Strategic Plan is a “must have” to predict your future
3. How to Fill-the-Schedule and keep it full
4. Case Completion, not case acceptance: the magic wand to big increases in production
5. How to Lead your team to Performance, instead of managing work

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