John Doehring


John Doehring, CMC, is The Maverick Advisor! and an accomplished speaker, author, and certified management consultant. Founder and principal of J. Doehring & Co., John helps professional service firms, middle market companies, and growth-oriented entrepreneurs plan for the future, grow their business and make more money. John is an active member of the National Speakers Association, the Institute for Management Consultants, and the World Future Society. He is also the author of The BackPocket! Business Plan: Outrageously Simple Business Planning for Extraordinary Business Results. John and his wife, Megan, have five children and live in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Fast Future!

Publication Date: December 2014

Are You and Your Business Ready to Succeed in the FAST FUTURE?

The Fast Future isn’t coming – it’s already here. Over the next 25 years, “uber” change will profoundly transform virtually everything in our world on a grand-scale. Amazing opportunities lie ahead for forward thinking and agile organizations, while severe threats await those unprepared or unwilling to change. Businesses in every sector, industry, and market must take action now to define new enterprise goals, strategies, and action plans – or face the likely consequences. John Doehring’s timely, eye-opening book reveals the top ten uber-trends that are already revolutionizing our world, exploring the implications that business leaders and entrepreneurs must consider for success in the 21st century, Fast Future ahead.

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