John Gregory Vincent

Owner, Genesis Group LLC

Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way

Publication Date: December 2017

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, submarines, hunks of metal shrouded in curiosity by those on land, are filled with a skillful crew responsible for its success. The efficiency of a strong submarine crew is the result of a community that makes acceptance of diversity and inclusion part of its expected norms. The strategies of a submarine crew can be adapted to businesses and communities, allowing them to reach peak efficiency and maintain a mission-focused philosophy that promotes growth. Deborah Cake Fortin and John Gregory Vincent have teamed together to bring you Diversity and Inclusion the Submarine Way, which provides insight into many techniques and principles that will teach you to:

•Effectively manage biases and unite together as a team to solve problems
•Embrace what you can’t change and focus on what you can control
•Deal with conflict openly and directly

When it comes to a system of inclusion, there’s none better than the one that organically takes place on a submarine. This book is the first step toward applying these techniques and practices to help your company succeed and thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

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