Karen Moore

Founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group

Karen B. Moore is founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group, a nationally ranked innovative communications and public affairs firm. An acclaimed leader in the advocacy arena, Karen has successfully built hundreds of state and national coalitions impacting important issues that affect our world. Her extensive communications experience shapes conversations that span the healthcare, education, finance, technology, energy, and economic development sectors. Driving advocacy campaigns, she has collaborated with diverse groups to facilitate common objectives and unifying solutions. Karen, a determined entrepreneur, is a renowned public speaker, having addressed hundreds of organizations and Fortune 500 companies on topics such as advocacy, strategic planning, crisis communications, marketing, and networking. She holds both an accredited public relations and certified public relations counselor designation. Her firm, Moore Communications Group, is one of the largest independently owned communications firms in the United States and has been awarded many of the highest honors in the industry.

Behind The Red Door

Publication Date: June 2016

Eye-catching, bold, and welcoming: a red door is all of these things. But is your organization reflective of such traits? Karen Moore, founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group, is redefining advocacy and can help you influence public policy, drive your business objectives, and foster engagement in your brand equity. In Behind The Red Door , Karen Moore provides you with the knowledge and tools to:

  • Understand the value of advocacy engagement for your organization
  • Build your organization’s advocacy plan
  • Mobilize advocates for success
  • Set advocacy goals and subsequently measure their success
  • Enhance your brand equity and viability through advocacy efforts

Regardless of the goals within your organization, advocacy is the key to unlocking your success. So turn the first page . . . open the red door!

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