Karen Young

Founder and President of HR Resolutions

Karen A. Young is the founder and president of HR Resolutions, a full-service human resources management company. Karen holds over twenty-five years experience in human resources, having worked with distribution, service, and manufacturing organizations along the East Coast to lower HR costs and increase bottom lines. In addition to her consulting and speaking work, Karen has been recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business. Karen lives in Harrisburg with her husband, Barry and their greyhounds.

Stop Knocking on my Door

Publication Date: September 2015

Let Your Company Thrive: Learn to Love HR

Gone are the days of the “Personnel Department,” having been by supplanted by “Human Resources.” The change in nomenclature represents an overdue ideological shift, in which employees are positioned as resources, and invaluable ones at that. People are your most valuable asset, and having the best players on your team is the result of deliberate planning and execution. Stop Knocking on My Door reveals effective HR systems and practices that will reduce the interruptions you face throughout an already chaotic workday, generating an environment in which employees are happy, safe and productive. Reduce incidents, disruptions and turnover while increasing your bottom line by understanding the importance of:

  • Defining expectations
  • Making the job description the hub of the wheel
  • Staying out of employment regulatory purgatory
  • Improving morale and retention
  • Recognizing the significance of HR in companies of ALL sizes

Embrace what quality HR management can do for your company― and your state of mind!

“A wealth of information and guidance from one of the best HR experts I have known.” ―Nancy H. Sacunas, CEO, Sacunas, Inc.

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