Kathy Longo

Founder, Flourish Wealth Management

Flourish Financially

Publication Date: September 2018

Money is about much more than dollars and cents. It’s about our family, it’s about our first experiences with money, it’s about our life values, and it’s about the conversations we do or do not have with the people who influence our saving, investing, sharing, and spending. Unfortunately, most wealth management firms rarely take the time to get to know their clients in a way that truly allows them to develop the perfect, individualized solution for each client. In addition, many financial planners overlook the psychological elements that drive financial decisions.

In Flourish Financially, author Kathy Longo takes a personalized approach to finance, helping you analyze the nine core areas where you typically spend your time–finances, family, health, leisure, learning, inner growth, home, community, and work–so you can understand your own money story to develop a strong financial plan and future. You’ll learn about different financial planning tools and practices–most importantly, how to communicate about money matters with those you care about–to help you get to the heart of your values and priorities, establish meaningful financial and life goals, and create an effective and inspiring decision-making framework.

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