Ken Estridge

CEO, Ken Estridge & Associates

Ken Estridge is a business growth expert, author, and speaker skilled in coaching CEOs and senior managers of Fortune 500 Companies, start-ups, and mid-market growth companies. He improves leadership effectiveness, creates high-performance teams, accelerates growth and increases profitability. Ken’s work as an executive coach and management consultant has been informed by thirty-five years of business experience as a senior decision maker in a wide range of companies from high tech to low tech. Ken received a BS in industrial management from MIT, a MS from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Doctor of Administration degree from Harvard Business School.

Inspire Accountability

Publication Date: April 2019

As a seasoned expert in business consulting, Ken Estridge knows that achieving accountability is often a difficult task for even the largest and most successful companies. With the millennial generation disrupting conventional forms of workplace accountability and engagement, it has never been more important for companies to adapt. Drawing upon his thirty-five years of experience, Inspire Accountability explores how employers can transform their millennial-infused businesses to attract and retain a workforce that is dedicated to owning their responsibilities. Using the 7Cs―culture, clarity, capacity, competence, confidence, commitment, and compensation― senior-level executives and leadership teams can heighten their company’s productive engagement in the age of millennials.

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