Lance Tyson

CEO, Tyson Group

Selling Is An Away Game

Publication Date: July 2018

There are few professions as competitive and cutthroat as sales. Faced with daily
rejections and the pressure of impending quotas, successful salespeople are those
who have the proper strength, grit, and knowledgeable strategies to rise
above the competition. In Lance Tyson’s Selling is an Away Game: Close Business
and Compete in a Complex World, you’ll immerse yourself in the mind-set of the
buyer and foster new strategies and tactics to become a stronger and more effective

With over 20 years of sales experience, Lance knows what it takes to
succeed in the industry and has compiled his knowledge to help companies and
✔ increase sales production
✔ shorten sales cycle time
✔ reduce cost of sale
✔ develop talent

Learn from one of the best in the business. Let Selling is an Away Game
help you and your company understand how to objectively view your current
sales strengths and weaknesses and learn how to improve to beat out the

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