Matthew Burk

CEO, Fairway America, LLC

Capital Attraction

Publication Date: April 2016

Raising capital for small balance real estate funds is not easy―but there are
strategies, tactics and best practices you can and should follow. Matt Burk has
written this book for small balance real estate (SBRE) entrepreneurs (and the
high-net worth investors who invest with them) to share some of the important
principles he has learned in his 25-year career in small balance real estate.
His practical and timeless ideas can help you significantly improve the way
you run your SBRE business and increase your chance of success in raising
capital from investors.

Capital Attraction will solidify your goals and strategies with proven and
winning ideas for building your SBRE business, including:

• How to structure a pooled investment fund
• How to create and execute a strategic capital raise plan
• Why you should treat your investors’ money as if it were your own
• The importance of maintaining high underwriting standards
• Why effective communication with investors is vital
• Grow your fund, your company―and your bottom line!

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