Michael Neft and Marc Smith

Managing Partners, Secure Retirement Strategies

Secure Retirement Strategies

Publication Date: June 2016

Truth or Dare? Uncover the truths of retirement or dare to enter unprepared. Fact: The very thought of retirement is daunting. There’s much to do and many approaches to consider. Fiction: You can put the thought aside for a few years, until the time comes. Facts are facts―retirement is inevitable. One day, you will no longer work. The ultimate question is: When that time comes, will you be prepared to carry on through the years with a comfortable lifestyle? It’s important to take steps toward an enjoyable, successful retirement, but the information is often overwhelming, and consequently cast aside. In Secure Retirement Strategies: Facts vs. Fictions, Michael Neft and Marc Smith provide the facts you need to successfully blaze your unique path to retirement.

Within these pages, you will learn how it’s possible to:
•have income for life and more than enough money for retirement
•invest wisely in the stock market with lower or no fees
•grow your investments safely with good return
•enjoy long-term care benefits without paying ongoing premiums

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