Michael Perry

CEO, SpringHill Camps

Experience = Everything

Publication Date: July 2011


Such a small word. Just one syllable. Only four letters. Yet that single,
simple word has embodied and defined SpringHill from the very
beginning―and it continues to describe SpringHill today, with
nearly fifty years and over half a million changed lives.

SpringHill is not just another summer camp. In his book, Experience =
Everything, author Michael Perry takes you inside the SpringHill
experience, an innovative approach to helping children find God not
only in quiet contemplation and formal prayer but also in canoeing
on a lake, or while riding horses on country trails, or while braving an
outdoor high-ropes course. Or, yes, even on a zip line.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, a youth or children’s pastor leader, a
teacher, or just someone who loves young people, Michael Perry will give
you a glimpse into how SpringHill creates these life-changing experiences,
and how you too can do the same.

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