Mike Campion


Mike was born a poor white child in the south Phoenix ghetto, raised by an incredible single mom with little money but ample hope. He started his first business at the tender age of 22.

Fun Fact: All of his employees quit on the first day of owning his first business. Good times…

For the last 17 years Mike has started, built and sold businesses – having a ton of fun while he’s at it. In the course of his endeavors, he has cultivated a certain genius in business, enjoying the not-so-shabby financial rewards that accompany it. He has also had more than his fair share of cursing, shaking his fist at the heavens, and sitting in a ball in the corner rocking and crying.

Having invested thousands of hours (and dollars) devouring books, courses, podcasts, articles, blogs and the like on how to be a successful business owner, Mike now helps other small business owners become not so small business owners.

I'm a freaking GENIUS

Publication Date: May 2015

What can I say- I spent a couple decades making big fat mistakes figuring it out along the way, sold more than my share of businesses and figured out I would write some of this junk down and sell it to my friends on Amazon for a couple of shekels- if you like this sort of thing order already if not, order anyway… writing a book is hard…

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