Richard Del Monte

Certified Wealth Consultant

Richard M. Del Monte is a Certified Wealth Consultant and nationally recognized expert on the subject of families and wealth. He has appeared on FOX Business News and been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Private Opportunities Club, Private Wealth Magazine, Trust & Estates, and Family Wealth Report. A sought-after speaker and the creator of a TEDx talk, “A Place of Possibility for Families and Wealth,” Richard guides his client families as they resolve disputes, heal divisions, foster closer relationships, achieve effective communication, and establish healthy, positive objectives and methods for dealing with family wealth. In addition to earning CFP®, CWC, and an MBA in Financial Planning designations, Richard has completed specialized training in family dynamics and preparing heirs. He holds an MBA in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University and a BS in Business Administration from California State University, Chico. He is a faculty member at the Institute for Preparing Heirs, and a founding member of the Council for Shared Leadership, LLC, which established fundamentals of excellence for values-based advisors and the families they serve. Richard lives in Alamo, California, with his wife Ingrid and their three golden retrievers.

Endless Inheritance

Publication Date: January 2015

Ensure Your Family’s Future Is Full of Possibilities

Let’s face it—no one wants to think about wills and estate plans. But like it or not, creating the right estate plan may be the single biggest kindness you can offer your heirs. In Endless Inheritance, Richard M. Del Monte, CFP®, CWC, shows you how leaving your children and grandchildren with substantial wealth can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t help develop a shared commitment to the future of the family, and provide them with opportunities for learning to resolve the conflicts that are driving them apart.

• A parent concerned about the impact inherited wealth will have on your children
• Part of a self-made family whose success has become a barrier to having loving and satisfying relationships with each other
• A parent who worries your children might be exhibiting signs of entitlement
• A young person or adult child struggling in the shadows of successful parents

Endless Inheritance is designed to help you move from a place of resignation and status quo to a place of positivity, creativity, and possibility by helping you bridge the gap between the future you want for your family and the one that’s likely to materialize if your lives continue on their current path.

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