Ron Lovett

Founder, Source Security & Investigations

Ron Lovett was the president and founder of Source Security & Investigations, which was a leading national physical security services company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. In 2016, the firm was bought by a U.S. security giant. An entrepreneur and leader with a passion for change, Ron is passionate in his mission to develop culture that aligns people to one common purpose. He is a father, husband, speaker, and constant learner who lives life to the fullest. He is a prolific speaker with a TEDx talk under his belt, and a recognized thought leader in his field. 

Outrageous Empowerment

Publication Date: April 2018

Ron Lovett went from breaking up brawls at nightclubs to providing personal protection to some of the world’s biggest A-List Celebrities―a fifteen-year roller-coaster ride of managing against the grain in uncharted territory. In Outrageous Empowerment, Ron Lovett shares how he transformed his one-employee business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, into a leading national security company with over fifteen hundred frontline staff. Ron will reveal the techniques he used to turn disgruntled employees into passionate stakeholders who carried out the company’s visions.

All large companies talk about employee alignment through culture and purpose. Ron will show you how with simple, scalable systems and processes which ensure that an enterprise’s productivity matches its mission and empowers its staff to execute.

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