Scott Weintraub

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Healthcare Regional Marketing

Scott Weintraub is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Healthcare Regional Marketing (HRM). Scott’s mission is to advance the use of regional marketing within the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industry. Scott’s day-to-day focus involves partnering with Brand Leaders at pharmaceutical companies to develop regional marketing strategies and plans. HRM has been fortunate to have worked with six of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, plus countless small/midsize companies. Inc. magazine awarded HRM the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in the US.

Prior to HRM Scott worked in marketing at Pfizer and Procter and Gamble.


Publication Date: July 1st 2015

Disruption creates opportunity for those who can embrace change. New winners and losers will emerge. This book will help you and your companies thrive in an age of disruption and navigate a changing environment. The informational and technological revolutions have forever changed the practice of medicine. We analyze data in a flash. Marketers deliver it with pinpoint accuracy at just the right moment. When patients put their trust in our brands and their lives in our hands, marketers have to quickly analyze the data accessible to us. This way we can deliver the right information at the right time, while navigating the complexities of industry regulations. Timely messaging through the patient journey provides marketers today with an unprecedented opportunity.

We must capitalize on this opportunity in order to stay relevant and profitable in the changing landscape. Results presents the biggest trends happening now so that you can be heard above the noise, deliver meaningful value, and build real brand loyalty. This will inevitably drive your pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing far into the future. Results is essential reading for developers, manufacturers and marketers of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, as well as the agencies, partners, publishers, suppliers and other service providers that support them in their marketing efforts.

Authors RJ Lewis, Scott Weintraub, Brad Sitler, Joanne McHugh, and Roger Zan each share key insights into the growing trends in healthcare that you need to understand in order to better market your products. Join them at the front line as they speak to over a dozen executives of global pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to hear the technology, regulation and  ever-shifting marketing challenges that could spell big opportunities for your company.

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