Sebastian Rusk

Author, Emcee, Speaker, Influencer and Social Media Strategist

Sebastian Rusk has developed a very unique approach to creating buzz and making noise for brands using social media. His roles as an author, emcee, speaker, influencer, personality for brands and social media strategist has afforded him profound influence those he encounters. An unrivaled ability to make his crazy ideas a reality is why is a reality today. It is no mystery why Sebastian is referred to as “a walking billboard” and the “Creator of Buzz”. was conceptualized and founded by Sebastian Rusk in March of 2010. With 12+ years of experience in marketing and online ad space, Sebastian has a knack not only for ‘thinking outside the box’, but for demonstrating the things of value to be found INSIDE that box as well! He has a passion for social media, creating “buzz” for brands and spreading the word on the power behind though the digital space, which has been the driving force to launch (bow tie and all).

Sebastian resides in Miami, FL, and is a full-time dad to 12 year old daughter Kayla.

Social Media Sucks!

Publication Date: March 2014

“This book is not just a complete overview of how to do social marketing, but how to swing for the fences and do it right! The power of what Sebastian has written is invaluable for all marketers as brands begin or continue their social journey. It’s an invaluable combination of critical strategic thinking and tactical advice.” @BryanKramer, author of Human to Human: #H2H

“Not only can Sebastian rock a bow tie, but he rocks the digital world with a hefty dose of reality. Social Media Sucks! is filled with real life and practical experience from a guy who knows what he’s talking about.” @ScottMonty, Global Digital Communications at Ford Motor Company

“What you’ll realize when reading Social Media Sucks! is how intuitively and effectively Sebastian utilizes offline, face-to-face exchanges to build and expand his platform. Whether it’s his extremely recognizable personal branding “hook” to get you to remember him, his use of video interviews to get him into your inner circle, or his ability to walk into a nail salon and sell the owner a framed Monet poster, Sebastian demonstrates the power of in-person, and shows you how to do it for yourself.” @JayBaer, New York Times bestselling author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype

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