Steve Groff

Farmer, Agricultural Consultant, Speaker

Steve Groff is a leading authority on the use of cover crops, no-till planting, and regenerative agriculture. A third-generation farmer from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Groff has been a frequent speaker and consultant across the United States and Canada and such international destinations as Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia, Romania, Belgium, France, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, and Greece. He designed the first roller-crimper for cover crops in North America; developed the Tillage Radish; started the first company in the world exclusively selling cover crop seed; and was the first commercial vegetable farmer to transplant tomatoes with no-till. Groff has consulted for Wrangler, Stroud Water Research Center, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Rodale Institute, Penn State University, the University of Maryland and Cornell University.

The Future-Proof Farm

Publication Date: September 2020

PERCEPTIVE INSIGHT for those who care about how NUTRITIOUS FOOD is grown and a SURVIVAL guide for FARMERS!


Steve Groff’s message to consumers will resonate with the those who crave enhanced nutrient dense food. His message to his fellow farmers is profound and prophetic: they are in danger of becoming obsolete, unless they seize the opportunity by providing what customers want. Those consumers increasingly demand that the food they eat and the clothes they wear come from producers who observe responsible farming practices such as cover crops, reduced tillage, and other regenerative agriculture techniques.

Steve describes his consulting role for the largest frozen food processor in the world and other major corporate players, like Wrangler, who are positioning themselves for a profitable future- marketing to consumers who are demanding nutritious food and sustainable grown fiber. Farmers must do likewise to ensure they will have a continuing market for their goods. To future-proof their farms, they must heal and nurture the life-giving soil that sustains their livelihood.

Steve Groff knows that what is good for the earth is good for the consumer and businesses are jumping into the opportunity. He has perfected the soil health concepts on his own farm and taken his message across the nation and to the corners of the world, promoting a new mindset that could save the family farm from extinction. This book is his WAKE-UP CALL! This book is also a rare opportunity to peak into the inner thoughts and perspectives of a farmer who wants to make a difference in the health of the planet, the health of business, and ultimately the health of the people.

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