Susan Meitner

President and CEO - Centennial Lending Group, LLC

Susan Meitner is currently the President and CEO of Centennial Lending Group, LLC, a full-service mortgage bank in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania. Susan has 22 years of experience in the mortgage industry and founded Centennial Lending Group, LLC in 2010. Using her past expertise in the mortgage banking and real estate industries as the foundation for the company, Susan strived to recruit the best talent from inside and outside the industry to form a stellar management team. Together, Susan and her team comprise a uniquely efficient mortgage experience for clients and employees by keeping the whole process, from opening a file to closing and funding a mortgage, at their headquarters.

She has appeared in many publications as a recognized expert in the mortgage industry. She has been recognized by Philadelphia Magazine for Best Overall Satisfaction and has been the winner of the Five Star Professional Award multiple times. Susan is an active member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and the Mortgage Bankers Association. Susan is a licensed mortgage originator in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. When not at work, Susan loves to be with her family.

Crazy Lucky Girl

Publication Date: September 2014

Business people who succeed seem to do things their own way. The ones who come up short all seem to keep doing things the same way. But where does the impulse for business innovation originate? How can we create the magic link between our personal instincts and a path to entrepreneurial success? Susan Meitner, founder and CEO of the fast-growing Centennial Lending Group, answers that question in a perceptive, entertaining manner. Along with her talents for business-building and personnel management, Meitner is also a natural storyteller. In this vivid, first-hand account, she reveals how a businesswoman’s entrepreneurial path can flow naturally from her upbringing and early life experience. In other words, the person you are is the foundation for the business person you will become. Your job is to understand the quirky interplay between your strengths and weaknesses, then chart a course accordingly.

The setting for Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success? is the mortgage business. It’s a familiar and yet suspect sector of the U.S. economy, where the American Dream meets competitive, sharp-elbowed market practices. Readers who have been sent into pioneer sales territory will relate to Meitner’s story of “going out on the street” after starting in the safety of the back-office processing department. Those who have seen loyalties fray and friendships crack under the pressure of human ambition and marketplace rivalry will nod at many of the stories in these pages. And certainly, anyone who has bought a home, gone through a refinance, been approved for a mortgage — or been rejected for one—will gain insight from Meitner’s explanation of what truly goes on behind the facade of the home-loan process. Looking to connect your personal style and story to a tale not yet written of entrepreneurial success? The surprising and inspiring story of Crazy Lucky Girl can be your key to making that connection.

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