Trey Smith

Senior Vice President, The Smith Group

Money Does Grow On Trees - The Family Tree

Publication Date: December 2016

We all want to protect our families. We work our jobs to put food on the table, to keep a roof over their heads, and to provide for them. With a solid financial plan in place, you can go that extra step to know that your financial and moral legacy will continue to comfort them for generations to come.

Inside, financial planner Trey Smith imparts his knowledge and experience to his own family and to yours. In each section, Trey tackles a different stage in life and the strategies you can use to overcome life’s biggest challenges: knowledge for couples progressing through life, guidance for those who have lost a loved one, and direction for young adults just beginning their financial journey. Because it’s written as guidance for Trey’s own wife and children, you can trust that it is heartfelt and honest.

No matter your age or role in the family, Money Does Grow on Trees―The Family Tree can help you confidently achieve your goals and face the future together.

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