Vennessa McConkey

Owner and Founder of Vennessa McConkey Coaching and Top Line Resumes LLC

Vennessa McConkey is a wife and mom first.

In the business world, she is a Career Coach, owner and founder of Vennessa McConkey Coaching and Top Line Resumes LLC, co-founder of ElevateUp LLC, Speaker, podcast host of Designing the Best YOU! and published author of Designing the Best WORK-FROM-HOME You.

She is on a mission to give professionals clarity, confidence, focus and tools they need to stop all the frenzy in their lives so they can be all they were created to be. Over the course of her career, she quickly advanced in traditional corporate jobs (including time in engineering, quality, operations and marketing roles within the manufacturing, dental, precision machining, and steel fabrication industries).

Through her work as an executive coach, she has formally and informally helped hundreds of clients, colleagues and friends find job satisfaction – whether they chose to uplevel within their current company, find a new job or completely change careers. Vennessa’s work has been featured in The Ladders, Jena Viviano, LinkedIn features and more — as well as on multiple podcasts and stages covering career, success and designing the best you.

Why does she work so hard? First of all, she loves to serve – in all areas of life. Second, her three boys and husband are her world. Third, having an incredible career with minimal stress is incredibly important, as she knows all too well how health can be

Designing The Best Work-From-Home YOU

Publication Date: September 2020


When the coronavirus hit the world, workers were flung from organized offices to fend for themselves at home, where kids, spouses, and housework beg for attention twenty-four seven. Learning to find focus amid distractions, or finish work when you live at the office, will be essential to conquer the new work-from-home normal.

In Designing the Best Work-From-Home You, Vennessa McConkey outlines the mistakes best avoided when working and leading from afar. From how to set yourself up for success to how to give yourself a break, she’s here to make sure your WFH environment, well, works!

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