Vincent Battaglia

Founder, CEO & President, Renova Energy Corp

Vincent Battaglia is the Founder, CEO & President of Renova Energy Corp. Vincent has dedicated his life to advancing sustainability in the manmade environment – one rooftop, parking field and ground mounted solar system at a time. Renova Solar was honored as “America’s First Professionally Accredited Solar Company” in 2012 and as SunPower Coprporation’s “Dealer of the Year” for 2014.  Vincent is committed to ensuring that Renova maintains the highest level of service and solar-savings for its Customers.

Cut The Cord

Publication Date: September 2015

Discover energy independence with your own solar-powered microgrid.

You seek convenience and efficiency in your daily life. You want personalized control, tailored to your needs—but how is energy to keep pace? The answer: solar microgrid technology. There is a bright future is on the horizon for energy independence. The power to control energy can lie in your hands, not those of a large corporation. Solar energy harnesses progress, freedom, ingenuity and a notion of limitless innovation—the things which comprise the very spirit of America. With solar plus storage, take a step towards energy independence, a cleaner tomorrow and a brighter future.

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