Our Process

  • publisher
    Step 1

    Have you considered writing a book this year? Reach out to the leader in publishing business owners:

    This is your moment! Contact Advantage Family to discuss your business, goals and any raw ideas for your book. We’ll work around your calendar to schedule a consultation.

  • Consulting
    Step 2

    Consult with a publishing expert:

    You will be connected to an expert with an inside-out knowledge of publishing and marketing. They will help outline your objectives for book publication and explore your business model, seeing if it would truly benefit from the addition of a book.

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    Step 3

    Book your Authority Marketing Blueprint Day (AMBD)

    A book will allow you to market yourself as “The Authority” in your field. To mark the beginning of your momentous journey to authorship, you’ll be invited to the Advantage flagship office in stunning Charleston, South Carolina. You will spend the day with our team—diving into your business model, book idea and drafting a blueprint for how the book will be used to drive hyper-growth within your company.

  • Step 4

    Meet your publishing team:

    The execution of your book and marketing plan will be diligently overseen by a masterful team, comprised of your Account Manager, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer and Web Designer.

  • Step 5

    Interviews with your ghostwriter

    Taking less than 24 hours of your time, this unique step of the process allows you to discuss and sharpen your ideas with a professional writer. Together, you’ll build the outline for your book and they will return with a polished manuscript, using just 24 hours of your time but investing hundreds of ours.

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    Step 6

    Design and distribution:

    Described as the most thrilling part of the process, this is where your book truly comes to life. You’ll work closely with a skilled graphic designer who will craft a book cover that rivals those found on the front tables of major bookstores. You’ll choose the terms of distribution and retain the rights to your creation, a perk not offered by traditional publishers.

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    Step 7

    Marketing your masterpiece

    Your account team will launch and continue to manage your digital marketing presence, overseeing the creation of your personal brand website, social media platforms and more, using your book as the anchor of your online presence.

It all starts with one call. Book your free publishing consultation today.

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What We Do

We demolish the barriers that once stood between you and getting a book done. In less than 24 hours of your time, our expert team of ghostwriters and designers will produce a stunning book—stamped with your name on the cover, brimming with your stories and insights.

Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

180 Days Or Less To Launch

When you work with a traditional publisher, expect to wait an average of 3 years before your book is on shelves. When you work with us, your published book is in your hands in as little as 180 days.


Why Publish?

Published authors are seen as the Authority in their field.

Our authors use their books to become celebrities and experts in their community. Once published, you have leverage to command premium prices and increase demand for your services.


Power Your Company Growth

We work tirelessly to help you grow your business, using your published book as a springboard. With our full suite of marketing services, your book allows us to “turn you into your own brand.” Our team is committed to making you the most sought-after expert and Authority in your industry.

When You Publish A Book, You Can Hyper-grow Your Business

No company is more committed to that outcome than the Advantage Family.

We publish a small number of authors each year. Schedule a complimentary publishing consultation to explore your book project further.

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Our Authors, In Their Own Words

Learn more about who we look for and our Authority-building products.

Review our previously published authors

Who We Help

We serve business leaders who are looking for a new way to grow their company and share their story with the world. From the grassroots entrepreneur to the C-suite executive, we’ll help you tell your story in a published book. Then, we’ll use your book as a platform to turn you into the Authority in your field, with potential for TV interviews, speaking engagements and an influx of new clients.

Do you lead a company that you’re trying to grow?
Did you enjoy several promising years of business growth, only to hit a plateau?
Are you struggling to stand out from your industry competitors?
Are you interested in sharing your story with a wider audience?

We can help you.