Preparing For Your Discovery Call

Advantage|ForbesBooks is the Business Growth Publisher. We help busy professionals Create, Publish, and Market a Book to Grow Their Business. We work closely and collaboratively with our Authors from start to finish, to create the highest quality book that gets our Authors results. Because of this, we only work with a select number of business professionals each month who are serious about investing in their success by having their own book.

The first and most important step in your journey towards becoming an author is the Discovery Call.

What should I expect?
What are we going to cover?

During your call, we’ll discuss success metrics and your definition of success for a book, the current state of your content, your timeline and budget, your expectations, and answers to questions that you may have. Please budget 45 minutes of your time for the call, and have access to a computer with an Internet connection while we are speaking.

At the end of your Discovery Call, we will mutually decide if we are a fit to help you on your journey to becoming the authority in your field.

We know how busy you are. Prior to your Discovery Call, we kindly ask you to complete our Publishing Application. This will help us properly prepare for your call to ensure it is most productive for you.

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About Advantage|ForbesBooks

Launched in founder Adam Witty’s spare bedroom, Advantage|ForbesBooks was founded in 2005 under the name Advantage Media Group. Adam’s mission was to demystify and democratize book publishing. Given his passion for entrepreneurship, he quickly realized that business owners were the people that could benefit most from a book. By partnering with local writers and graphic designers at the time, he pioneered a done-for-you system that made publication an effortless experience, even within the demanding schedule of a business owner.

Advantage could write, design and distribute books that told the stories of its authors—whom Adam warmly referred to as “Members” of the “Advantage family.” The process appealed to hundreds of entrepreneurs nationwide. The idea gained steam and spawned imitators.

After growing to a team of more than 20, Adam took note of something critical: once Members were armed with a published book, they still needed guidance on how to market and leverage the newfound “authority status” the authorship afforded. He adapted the company to meet this need.

Adam understood that a published book amounts to a marketing tool. Every business owner who published suddenly had more clout in their industry. Some Members even became celebrities on the strength of their book. Many were able to beat out competitors, because their book “tipped the scale” in customers’ minds.

He realized that a published book lends authority to its author. With a book, they can turn their name into a fully realized brand. Adam polished the foundational principles and processes of this idea and called it Authority Marketing®. Thereafter, Advantage would not only publish books, it would help authors use the book as the foundation to build authority. With authority status, authors leverage that currency to grow their business.

Adam set out to build a world-class marketing team of strategists, writers and web developers, whose gold-plated credentials matched the writers and designers he already had on staff. Adam’s in-house marketing agency took on it’s own life. It is now staffed by a team of consummate Authority Marketing experts. The suite of marketing products that emerged became known as the Authority Marketing System.

As Advantage’s star rose, business media juggernaut Forbes took notice. Although Forbes had dominated the magazine market for decades, they had yet to make a foray into books. Advantage’s track record and entrepreneurial target market made Advantage Media Group the perfect match for Forbes’ budding ambitions for a book publishing imprint. In 2016, Forbes partnered with Advantage Media Group to launch ForbesBooks. Advantage dropped ‘Media Group’ from its name, and joined its new sister imprint to form a single company: Advantage|ForbesBooks.

ForbesBooks is positioned as the company’s premium imprint, for leaders that truly are “The Best in Business.” Once their book is published, authors are given access to publish thought leadership content on, receive game-changing visibility in Forbes Magazine print ads and much more. The imprint publishes a distinct and selective list of business book titles each year. ForbesBooks Review, a supplement to Forbes Magazine, is mailed to Forbes massive subscriber audience twice a year.

The Advantage Family has become the leader in Authority Marketing and offers publishing imprints and marketing products united by a singular core purpose: growing entrepreneurs and businesses to benefit all mankind.

Publishing Comparison

Authors are given the choice between three world-class publishing imprints. It is critical to choose the imprint that will cater to your objectives. Our experts help you determine which imprint is best-suited to you.

Advantage ForbesBooks
Overview The Advantage imprint is perfect for authors who want to grow their business with a book and don’t have a need for additional authority marketing support. The premium ForbesBooks imprint is for authors with a national or international business that truly are “The Best in Business.” Authors enhance their authority, sphere of influence, and gain exposure to a global audience of executives and business decision-makers.
Book Creation Talk Your Book® interviews create rough draft Full service Ghostwriting
Rights Authors maintain ownership and control Authors maintain ownership and control
Distribution 25,000+ retail outlets 25,000+ retail outlets, Airport stores
Marketing Not included, ala carte services available 12-month Forbes Authority Marketing System
Investment $ $$$
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Case Studies


    Scott East

    Charlotte, NC

    • Co-founder, MSIGHTS

    Published Titles

    • The Cuttlefish Marketer

    Success by the Numbers

    • 10+
      International Speaking Engagements
    • 2.6M
      Unique Visitors Per Month Due To The Book
    • 75%
      Rate Of Acceptance For Speaking Engagements
    “I called Advantage first. They had everything I wanted in a partner so I didn’t call anyone else. Instead I dove right in. Advantage has been an incredible partner all along the way.”

    Scott East is the co-founder & CEO of MSIGHTS. Throughout a 25-year career in marketing, he has led campaigns for the likes of Sprint®, FedEx®, Verizon® and AOL®. Since 2004, MSIGHTS has helped clients distill critical insights from their often tangled marketing data. Scott’s firm capitalized on the explosion in demand for superior marketing data analysis.

    Why He Published: “We work with top-tier marketing executives at some of the most wellknown brands in the world. One reason for writing a book was to achieve instant credibility. It also has been a great way to build relationships with other marketing executives. Not to mention, it had always been a ‘bucket list’ item for me.”

    Why He Chose Advantage|ForbesBooks: “I had an opportunity to hear multiple speakers at Entrepreneurs Organization events who have written books with Advantage. So when I started the process, I called Advantage first. They had everything I wanted in a partner so I didn’t call anyone else. Instead I dove right in. Advantage has been an incredible partner all along the way. I love being a part of the Advantage family.”

    The Results: “The team was amazing at helping me focus, refine and better focus the book contents. Since publishing the book, I have had several speaking opportunities across multiple countries including Mexico, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Singapore. After almost every speaking session, I have at least 3-5 people come up to me afterwards, wanting to continue the conversation or to speak to their teams. It’s been an incredible way to open doors that otherwise would not have been opened. I wouldn’t have completed the book without your team’s help, patience, persistence, and expertise. I highly recommend working with Advantage.”


    Andy Bailey

    Nashville, TN

    • Founder & CEO, Petra

    Published Titles

    • no try only do 3d book cover
      No Try, Only Do

    Success by the Numbers

    • 4X
      Increase In Speaking Inquiries
    • 2X
      Increase In Media Interviews & Podcasts
    “Having a book allows me to make a statement with my first impression—rather than just having a business card or a brochure, I’m able to tangibly share my story with the people I meet.”

    Andy Bailey, a serial entrepreneur and founder & head coach of Petra Coach, is a fierce advocate of the “no B.S.” approach. He facilitates corporate planning sessions across the globe, aligning teams around one plan and a shared sense of purpose. However, with no shortage of competitor coaching firms, Andy was keen to do something that would set Petra Coach several tiers above the rest. Through a mutual connection with the Gazelles organization, Andy crossed paths with Adam Witty, the Founder & CEO of Advantage|ForbesBooks. It quickly became clear that publishing a book would powerfully differentiate his brand from the competition.

    “Just as Adam says: by design, you have to ‘be the authority of your industry.’ Having a published book gave me authority over my domain. It also provides my whole team with some level of authority.”

    Andy teamed with Advantage|ForbesBooks to write No Try, Only Do, capturing his message of accountability, camaraderie, culture and results. “Having a book allows me to make a statement with my first impression—rather than just having a business card or a brochure, I’m able to tangibly share my story with the people I meet. [It] gave me the opportunity to very concisely tell the historical journey of Petra without fumbling with the words.” Andy explains.

    The book’s impact extended far beyond the effect it had on clients. “Prior to publishing a book, speaking engagements were few and far between, and more difficult to book,” he says. “After [becoming] a published author in my field, speaking requests now come from all over, having learned about my message in No Try.”

    Additionally, Bailey was able to provide all attendees with a copy of his book. “It’s definitely given me more recognition outside our original realm as well,” he says. “I receive emails from people I’ve never met about having read my book and their takeaways, and those are people I never could have reached prior to being published. After speaking events, people say they came because they read the book. The notoriety and general acknowledgement that’s come with No Try has spanned far beyond my immediate reach.”


    Chris Prefontaine

    Newport, RI

    • Founder, Smart Real Estate Coach

    Published Titles

    • Real Estate on Your Terms

    Success by the Numbers

    • 4
      Average Media Appearances Per Week
    • 2X
      Increase In Client Conversion Rate
    • 50%
      Increase In Business Growth YOY For Last 3 Years
    “It’s incredible, the amount of new business [that came from publishing a book], and the doors it opened by way of podcast and radio interviews, and the speaking engagements it created."

    With 25 years of experience and over $80 million in transactions to date, Chris Prefontaine is a seasoned real estate veteran. He’s built a robust family business mentoring real estate students across the country.

    There was no need to sell Chris on the incredible benefits of becoming an author. Publishing a book had “always been a goal of mine. I knew it was a phenomenal tool to create the ultimate attraction marketing.” Chris says. With a tenacious goal to stimulate “1,500 real estate transactions by 2022 around the country with his Associates,” he decided to move forward with writing a book.

    Armed with Advantage as his publisher, Chris released his best-selling book, Real Estate on Your Terms: Create Continuous Cash Flow Now, Without Using Your Cash or Credit in 2017. “With Advantage’s bestseller campaign, we hit bestseller status, no problem.” The book has served as a powerful lead magnet for new clients. Over a quarter of those who request the book go on to become clients.

    When asked why he chose Advantage|ForbesBooks over other the myriad ways to publish, Chris explains, “[Advantage] understood attraction marketing… and had an [crystal] clear system outlined and executed.” In describing his publishing experience, Chris highlights the value of his Authority Marketing Blueprint Day experience, “The [AMBD] was a marketing creation day in and of itself, and if we didn’t publish a book, it would have been well worth the cost, just with that.”

    “It’s not even measurable, the amount of new business [that came from publishing a book], and the doors it opened by way of podcast and radio interviews, and the speaking engagements it created,” he raves. He describes Advantage|ForbesBooks as “a super proactive company [that lends] huge credibility to its authors.”


    Carla Moore

    New York, NY

    • VP of POS Strategy, HBO

    Published Titles

    • Crash!

    Success by the Numbers

    • 100+
      Coaching Sessions
    • 3X
      Increase In Paid Speaking Engagements
    • 1
      Talk Show In Development

    Carla Moore embodies the daring businesswoman. With sharp client service skills and a glittering personality, she rose to Vice President of Point of Sale Strategy at HBO. However, in spite of her executive status, Moore felt directionless. After a brutal car crash, she realized she was living “on autopilot,” and set out to lead a more purpose-driven life. Amid a 100-pound weight loss, triathlons and world travel that followed, one crucial insight emerged: passion and purpose were the two elements she had been missing.

    After gaining clarity around what her life represented and what she was here to do, Moore became a Certified Transformation Coach, hoping to help others seize their “crash moments.” A fanbase formed, with many urging her to write a book on her principles and insights. Shortly thereafter, she crossed paths with an Advantage|ForbesBooks representative who was more than eager to help share her story. After signing on with ForbesBooks, Moore released her 2018 debut, Crash! Leading Through the Wreckage.

    Since publication, Moore’s speaking business and coaching practice have boomed, establishing her authority on the topic of personal transformation. Her paid speaking opportunities tripled and she conducted over 100 coaching sessions in one year. She has won an industry award, and enjoyed five magazine features, four radio interviews and six podcast appearances. In addition, she developed and launched her own business lifestyle talk show, Life in 3D, with journalist Crystal Berger and tech exec Netta Jenkins. The show aims to influence, inspire and empower others to live the life they’ve imagined. Since publishing, Moore’s career only continues to abound in opportunity.


    Misty Young

    Lake Tahoe, CA

    • Owner, "Squeeze In" Restaurants

    Published Titles

    • From Rags to Restaurants

    Success by the Numbers

    • 6
      Family Owned Locations
    • 11
      Franchise Units Sold
    • 175%
      Increase In Revenue
    • 160,000
      Loyalty Members In Database
    “The book creates a level of success and assurance other people would find difficult to attain. They didn’t write the book on restaurant success, but I did.”

    Unexpected opportunities, customers coming from every direction and increased income. This is exactly what restaurant owner, Misty Young, experienced when she published a book with Advantage. Misty and her husband had one thriving restaurant with four locations. Fellow restaurant owners would continually ask for advice, which Misty kindly gave. This led her to a career in restaurant coaching.

    She quickly realized that a book was the springboard she needed for her new coaching business. “I kept getting asked the same questions. I realized that if I wanted to grow a coaching business, I needed to start with a platform where all of the many questions I get asked on a regular basis could be addressed in one place.” On the book creation process, she adds, “The Talk Your Book™ program makes writing a book far easier than you may think. I never felt pressured. I only felt supported and encouraged.” Misty published From Rags to Restaurants: The Secret Recipe with Advantage in 2013; she calls it the “secret ingredient” to her success.

    “My book opened the door to so many opportunities. As soon as people realize that I have written a book, I am immediately set up as an expert… There have been times when I’ve had my book with me at an event, or even in a restaurant. If I have it out, people swarm, saying things like: ‘You’re an author?’ ‘You wrote a book?’ ‘Wow!’” Many readers have gone on to become coaching clients, and the book has brought her a steady stream of publicity and opportunities. She has since been profiled in national media outlets, both print and television; she gained a spot on a panel at America’s Small Business Summit, held by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ultimately, the book was a game changer, not only in her career, but in the careers of her readers and coaching clients.


    Dr. Michael Burgdorf

    Nashville, TN

    • Owner, Music City Plastic Surgery

    Published Titles

    • The Mommy Makeover
    • The Daddy Do Over

    Success by the Numbers

    • 3X
      Business Growth After First Book
    • 100%
      Cash Paying Clients
    • 10%
      Increase In Service Prices
    • XX
      Double Digit Business Growth
    “As the Business Growth experts, I realized that an Advantage|ForbesBooks book can be a golden marketing opportunity to fuel the growth of my practice.I wanted to be forever known as ‘the guy who wrote the book on it…’”

    Michael R. Burgdorf, MD, MPH has cultivated a gleaming reputation since he founded Music City Plastic Surgery in 2012. As one of Nashville’s premier plastic surgeons, his former patients have transformed into raving fans, heralding his surgical skill as a “class of its own.” With a central mission to help mothers and fathers enhance their body confidence, he would dutifully educate potential patients on their options. However, Dr. Burgdorf came to realize that one-to-one interactions with patients, no matter how rich, were inherently limiting. His impact was confined to the walls of his office. He hoped to broaden that impact and present his value proposition to a much wider audience. Publishing a book swiftly emerged as the best way to achieve that goal. It would allow him to reach far more men and women who privately struggled with issues of body confidence.

    Armed with newfound aspirations to become an author, Dr. Burgdorf teamed with Advantage|ForbesBooks to publish two books geared toward his target demographic. Going forward, he would be known as “the guy who wrote the book on it.’” The trademarked TalkYourBook® program allowed him to talk through his points with a skilled ghostwriter, to ultimately create something of “substance, emotional appeal, and impact.” The Mommy Makeover and The Daddy Do Over were released in 2015 and 2018, respectively, to glowing reviews. He describes publication as a “golden opportunity” that “fueled the growth of [his] business,” and a powerful “differentiator” that set him apart from his competitors. Since publishing with Advantage|ForbesBooks, Dr. Burgdorf has enjoyed the following:

    • Television and radio exposure at the national and local level, including a spot on syndicated medical talk show, The Doctors, as well as news station segments which directly increased patient flow/surgery scheduling

    • Multiple interviews on, NYDaily News, NY Post, Cosmetic Surgery Times, MomZette, Plastic Surgery Practice, Zwivel, HealthZette, and more

    • 3 major speaking events within his industry

    • The opportunity to launch a coaching business “due to the increased credibility of having two Amazon #1 Best-Selling books”


    Dr. Tim Thayne

    Lehi, Utah

    • Founder of Homeward Bound

    Published Titles

    • Not By Chance

    Success by the Numbers

    • 210%
      Overall Business Growth
    • 25X
      Return On Investment
    • 3X
      Increase In Client Base
    • 15%
      Year Over Year Revenue Growth
    “When you go to the website, I do look like the authority, and that is one of the things I appreciate most about Advantage|ForbesBooks; it wasn’t just about the book - it wasn’t just about marketing the book. It was about growing authority, helping grow us into the authority and into the expert – taking on all kinds of marketing for us and ultimately, growing with us.”

    Dr. Tim Thayne is a lauded behavioral therapist and the founder of Homeward Bound, a nationwide team of therapists who provide counsel and care to the families of struggling teens and young adults. After the particularly difficult relapse of a star student, Dr. Thayne realized that a young person would have to be superhuman to maintain the changes made in the structure of a treatment setting. If their home environment hadn’t been sufficiently prepared to sustain that change, relapse was more likely. This is where the idea of creating a necessary toolkit to address the struggles of the transitional period came to fruition. Here are some highlights detailing how Advantage|ForbesBooks helped Dr. Thayne spread his message and help more families:

    • The book generated newfound durability for the outcomes of treatment programs. Parents finally knew what to do to continue helping their teen through the process.

    • Dr. Thayne now leverages his book as a powerful tool to reach new clients.

    • By employing the Authority Marketing System™, Dr. Thayne expanded his marketing efforts using his published book as a platform.

    • Dr. Thayne has witnessed a 15% rise in revenue each year since the release of his book.

    • After running social media ads for his practice, Dr. Thayne garnered more than 200,000 impressions for his website and social media accounts.


    Steve Gilliland

    Charlotte, NC

    • Hall of Fame Speaker
    • Best Selling Author
    • 6x Advantage Author

    Published Titles

    • Enjoy the Ride
    • License to Chill
    • Mum's the Word
    • Performance Essentials in the Workplace
    • Making a Difference
    • Hide Your Goat

    Success by the Numbers

    • 100%
      Increase In Bookings
    • 40%
      Increase In Customer Base
    • $1M
      Revenue In Year One
    • 40X
      Return On Investment
    “Calling my decision to work with Advantage ‘good’ is like calling the Wright Brothers bicycle repairmen. Six years, and six books later, I can candidly say that Advantage is a significant reason I am a million dollar professional speaker. Since the time I started working with Advantage, I have turned down two major publishers. Why? Advantage doesn’t just publish your book…they make sure it gets you booked!”

    When Steve decided to write his book, he wanted to position himself as a speaker and author in a way that would stand out for potential clients. However, once he had his book in his hands he employed several strategies to move his business forward. Here are some highlights:

    • His first step was a press release to local media. By taking advantage of this, Steve was able to use articles from two local papers as a springboard for national media outlets.

    • Steve includes his book in promotional packages for potential clients. This is a critical strategy, he explains, “If a prospective client is looking at me and another potential speaker, with all things being equal, my books provide me with the advantage.”

    • Steve sells “a lot of books at the back of the room” at every event. He provides high quality bookmarks to everyone in the audience with ordering information on the reverse side. He also offers a pre-purchase program, which allows a client to provide a copy of his book to everyone attending the presentation.

    • Steve also sends a commission check for a portion of the product sales to the speaker bureau that booked the event. This smart move positions Steve “distinctively against other speakers who only generate fee revenue for the bureau.”

    • Steve has also created audio books as well as CDs and DVDs of his presentations. He offers cross-promotions, such as the option to purchase a package that includes both his DVD and book at a nominal increase in cost.


    Peter Strauss

    Hilton Head, SC

    • Founder & CEO, Hamilton Captive Management, Ltd.

    Published Titles

    • peter j strauss the business owners definitive guide to captive insurance
      The Business Owner’s Definitive Guide to Captive Insurance Companies

    Success by the Numbers

    • 10X
      Growth In Social Followers
    • 3X
      Growth In Speaking Engagements
    • 1
      ForbesBooks Review Cover Story

    Peter Strauss poured his energy into the law firm he founded, until his career took a sharp turn. When he stumbled on the concept of captive insurance, the Harvard OPM grad dismissed it as too good to be true. In the decade since, he’s founded his own captive management company, and emerged as the nation’s most vocal advocate of just that, captive insurance.

    After publishing multiple books in his newfound field, it quickly became clear to Peter that he needed an authentic wow factor, something to distinguish his name and published works. Drawn to the stature of the Forbes brand, he teamed with ForbesBooks in 2017. Becoming a ForbesBooks author would endow his brand with incalculable credibility, and The Business Owner’s Definitive Guide to Captive Insurance was released that year. An exploration of all things captive insurance, it swiftly rose to best-seller status.

    Since his ForbesBooks debut, Peter’s public profile skyrocketed. He landed the cover of ForbesBooks Review, putting his face, brand, and message in the hands of over 100,000 Forbes subscribers. The Forbes relationship has proved invaluable in his insurance business, with a number of leads finding him directly through his book, online presence on, and ForbesBooks Review feature. Speaking opportunities boomed as well; his author status means the difference between reaching out for speaking slots, and fielding inbound speaking requests. The book is leveraged in all aspects of his web presence and greater marketing efforts. His second title is in the works, as he continues to thrive in the coveted position of ForbesBooks author.


    Dr. Jamie Reynolds

    Detroit, MI

    • Orthodontist, Spillane & Reynolds Orthodontics | Co-founder, OrthoFi

    Published Titles

    • World Class Smiles, Made in Detroit

    Success by the Numbers

    • 25%
      Business Growth Year Over Year
    • 2,000
      New Social Followers
    • 2
      New Business Locations
    “We recently expanded to two new locations, and I noticed the brand we had built extended beyond our local area. Doctors and families had heard of us, which made [attracting clients] in the new location far easier than it was a decade ago.”

    As his business partner prepared to retire from their orthodontic practice, Dr. Jamie Reynolds feared they may lose a competitive edge. His partner, who was well-known in the community, greatly contributed to their popularity with locals. To stem the effect, he knew he needed to create a similar air of local celebrity. This demanded the creation of a strong, well-recognized personal brand. Shortly after meeting Advantage Founder & CEO, Adam Witty, he realized that a published book was the ultimate foundation on which to build his personal brand. He described it as “the perfect solution” to the struggle he faced.

    “Everything Adam spoke about aligned with my objectives, so I scheduled the planning day in Charleston. Once I met the team, and saw the level of knowledge and expertise they provide, I knew Advantage was for me.” His debut book, World Class Smiles, Made in Detroit, swiftly rose to Amazon bestseller status. Reynolds was thrilled to see the “near immediate impact in the community from a personal branding [perspective.]” His star was rising quickly, and the book earned glowing reviews. Having added the Authority Marketing System to his publishing plan, the Advantage team worked tirelessly to build a towering web presence and social media following for Reynolds, situating him as Detroit’s orthodontic authority.

    Having a published author at the helm became a tremendous asset to the practice, which has grown 20-30 percent annually since publication. “We recently expanded to two new locations, and I noticed the brand we had built extended beyond our local area. Doctors and families had heard of us, which made [attracting clients] in the new location far easier than it was a decade ago.” Outside the experience of releasing his book and cultivating authority, he has thoroughly enjoyed being a Member of the Advantage Family. He highlights the company’s Authority Insider Forums as his personal favorite. “It’s a really fantastic and impressive group. [You] realize that people across very different industries are working toward relatively similar goals, and struggling with relatively similar problems,” he says. The “extremely valuable” meetings are “packed with both great content and amazing brand-building opportunities.” Above all, Reynolds continues to thrive in his relationship with the Advantage team.


    Eric Hutchinson, CFP

    Little Rock, AR

    • Managing Director, United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC.

    Published Titles

    • The Financial Briefing

    Success by the Numbers

    • 8X
      Growth In Social Followers
    • 400,000+
      Twitter Impressions
    • 9
      Features In National News Outlets

    Eric Hutchinson is a masterful financier with over 30 years of experience in his craft. A roster of titles trail his name—Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, and Chartered Life Underwriter®. As the managing director of United Capital Financial Advisers, he navigates clients through the often rugged waters of messy finances, ferrying them to a state of financial peace. Above all, he considers himself a purveyor of “peace of mind.”

    Eric not only hoped to grow his client base, but share the wisdom he’d gained over a 30-year career in finance. A book proved to be the most effective medium to convey those insights. Writing, publishing and marketing a book, however, was no small task. He teamed with the experts at Advantage to write and release his debut, The Financial Briefing. Their collaborative effort yielded stunning results. Touted as “life’s financial manual,” the book was hailed as a “must-read” that bursts at the seams with valuable information. One reader lamented, “I wish I had read it when younger.”

    Authorship dramatically distinguished Eric from his competitors. Advantage’s in house marketing agency, the Authority Institute, launched an aggressive campaign to build authority around his brand. The team created his author website, and continues to maintain his towering social media presence. Publication enhanced Eric’s visibility, celebrity, and professional standing, earning him coverage in national outlets like The New York Times, NPR, Bloomberg, Time and ABC News. He now gifts the book to existing clients, professional contacts, and new prospects. It has emerged as an indispensable element of his practice.


    Charlie Epstein

    Springfield, MA

    • Owner, The 401K Coach Program

    Published Titles

    • Save America Save!
    • Paychecks for Life

    Success by the Numbers

    • 5X
      Revenue Growth After First Book
    • 100+
      Hours Saves In Sales Cycle
    • 2X
      Bestselling Books Published
    “I knew I was working with seasoned professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing only—making me the most successful, prominent, sought-after authority in my market.”

    Charlie Epstein proudly wears the title, “America’s 401k Coach.” It not only conveys the reach of his message, it suggests the clout he’s built in the advisory field. He is the founder of Epstein Financial Services, a powerhouse firm that caters to business owners, medical practitioners, and retirees. He empowers clients to generate “Paychecks for Life,” a defining feature of the practice. Epstein eventually set out to self-publish a book in his field—an endeavor he later described as “painful.” It took three and a half years, two ghostwriters, and over $85,000 dollars. With burgeoning ambitions to publish again, he hoped to evade the “heartache and anguish” of his last publishing experience.

    “No [publisher] was capable of teaching me how to really leverage the power of a book. No one had a methodology for teaching me how to maximize my authority and dominate my marketplace.” This is when Epstein made his first touchpoint with Advantage, and signed on to author a book. Following a “smooth and professional” publishing experience, he and the team released Save America Save. He has since enjoyed countless media features, most recently on Fox Business—a second appearance.

    The book transformed his client relationship dynamic and revved the speed of his sales cycle. Fans of the book regularly step forward as potential clients, expediting lead generation. He’ll occasionally offer a copy to new clients during their first meeting. “You see a psychological shift happen right before your eyes. Their body language changes. Their demeanor changes… It’s priceless.” A book, he explains, is far superior to a business card. Like distributing “hundreds of copies of ‘you’… it [presents] your voice, every time, in perfect pitch.” Above all, Epstein stressed the importance of having a team that understood how to leverage a book for business growth. “I knew I was working with seasoned professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing only—making me the most successful, prominent, sought-after authority in my market.”

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