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A global, diffuse community of Members comprise the Advantage Family. The moment you become a Member, you join this exclusive community of business leaders.

We offer Member-exclusive events, giving you unfettered access to hundreds of like-minded professionals for networking and connection.

  • Authority, Celebrity, Expert Academy

    Three times per year, 75 Members convene in a major metropolitan hub for the Authority, Celebrity, and Expert Academy. The Academy was conceived in 2017 by popular demand.

    This semi-annual learning events allows Members to take a deep dive into Authority Marketing®, while bringing in some of the world’s most in-demand Authorities, from Steve Forbes to bestselling authors like Jay Papasan.

    The ACE Academy is packed with CEOs, entrepreneurs, experts and leaders from around the world, all of whom are active Members of the Advantage Family.

    We regularly hear from Members that the Academy is one of the greatest perks of their relationship with Advantage. The relationships they build with fellow Members, in some cases, become an invaluable asset to their company.

    Our foremost goal is to provide an unforgettable experience to each Member, combining the practical value of Authority Marketing education with the remarkable community shared between Members. The Authority, Celebrity, and Expert Academy is open to Advantage Family Members only.

  • ForbesSpeakers

    ForbesSpeakers Symposium

    Held semi-annually at Forbes on Fifth in New York City, the ForbesSpeakers Symposium is a gathering of movers and shakers in public speaking. The event serves as a hub for entrepreneurs and executives looking to advance and refine their speaking careers, with workshops and coaching made available to each attendee. ForbesSpeakers is the first and only speaker marketing and brand-building company for business leaders.

    The Symposium explores three core elements: how to market yourself as an in-demand speaker, how to structure the content of a speech that converts, and how to secure referrals and return invitations from event planners. The Symposium consists of two days of active work on the development and marketing of your speaking. Every year, it attracts world-class talent to share their knowledge with the entrepreneurial audience—from Deborah Torres Patel, expert speaking coach to Fortune 500 leaders in 82 countries, to Rusty Shelton, pioneer of Authority Marketing, Publisher of ForbesBooks and Senior Marketing Strategist of Advantage Media Group. The Symposium is a boutique event with extremely limited capacity. Each participant receives hands-on attention from workshop facilitators; attendance is strictly limited to 25 primary attendees.

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  • SuperConference


    Held annually each spring since 2003, the Marketing & Money-Making SuperConference has attracted the world’s top marketing and sales experts, helping entrepreneurs achieve the kind of business breakthroughs that transform lives. Each year, SuperConference brings together business owners in hundreds of categories, from lawyers to doctors, dentists, financial advisors, fitness experts, realtors, authors, speakers and consultants. They each share the common goal of generating more leads, making more sales and increasing profits. The conference covers a wide range of topics, from attracting and driving traffic, building wealth, copywriting, direct mail, sales strategies, leadership, building authority, speaking, raising your prices, lead generation, conversion, referral strategies and much more.

  • Growth Summit

    Growth Summit

    Held annually each fall since 2005, the Attraction, Conversion and Retention Growth Summit is a premier gathering of entrepreneurs where they share the wisdom, tools and techniques they used to hyper-grow their companies. Every year, a new selection of celebrity business speakers and Advantage Family experts offer their best formulas for customer attraction, conversion and retention. 

    Attendees receive paint-by-number formulas and templates, delivered in a way they can immediately implement to grow their own businesses. They also receive valuable intel on exactly which strategies to embrace and which to discard. This is critical, helping entrepreneurs know where to focus their energy and money to ensure they hit every target, even with limited time and resources.

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