Authority Marketing System

Building authority is a strategic process.

Through our Authority Engine, you are able to add on game-changing Authority Marketing services to enhance the thought leadership your book has already given you.

Authority Marketing pillars

We Build and Enhance Authority in Three Vital Ways

Most entrepreneurs approach authority building in an uncoordinated, ‘shoot from the hip’ way. This leads to frustration and lackluster results. The Authority Marketing System is a coordinated and proven multi-prong approach to strategically and systematically building authority, celebrity, and expertise for business leaders. Our Authority Engine contains 3 vital parts:

  • personal brand website

    Part 1: Personal Authority Brand Website

    People buy people, not corporations. For most entrepreneurs and business owners, all thought and money is deployed to a corporate brand. The problem is that people buy from people, NOT corporations. For good or bad, your personal brand is what Google says it is. While your book is being developed, we conduct an online brand audit and build your personal authority brand website, which will become your authority brand’s online digital hub.

  • Gui Costin Forbes Author Voice Page

    Part 2: Branding, Visibility, and Marketing in the Business Journals or Forbes Ecosystem

    The Authority Marketing System provides a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity for authors to build and promote their thought leadership platform to over 14.6 million readers of The Business Journals or 71 million readers of Forbes. The Business Journals, comprised of 43 business weeklies, is America’s largest local business media company. Forbes, the largest business magazine in the world, is published in 28 languages and 70 countries. Authors are afforded the opportunity to align themselves with one of these iconic brands to accelerate their personal branding, visibility, and marketing initiatives. 

  • Television broadcast taping

    Part 3: PR & Media

    People don’t believe what you say about yourself, but they do believe what other people say about you, especially the media. Working with our News & Experts team, the Authority Marketing System includes print publicity campaigns to drive your exposure and build your credibility.

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