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When you work with Advantage|ForbesBooks, you won’t spend long hours slaving over a keyboard or sifting through ghostwriters on the internet. We match you with a skilled ghostwriter to help flesh out your story and insights.

Advantage|ForbesBooks is the pioneer of pain-free book creation. Our famed ghostwriting programs have helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals create a book in 10 to 24 hours of their time over the course of nine months.

Book Ghostwriting & Manuscript Review

Choose between our two options for book writing & editing services:

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    Manuscript Review

    Many authors come to us with a complete or partial manuscript and are curious as to whether it is publication-ready. To help assess the state of their work, we conduct a thorough manuscript review to evaluate for qualities such as word usage and tone-style appropriateness for the intended target audience, as well as overarching structure, style, and title evaluation. The reviewer will also offer recommendations on areas of improvement (if needed) as well as what writing or editorial services would help the author bring their manuscript up to print-ready quality. Manuscript reviews typically takes 2.5 – 3 weeks from the date of manuscript receipt.

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    Our premium writing service, Ghostwriting, gives you twice as much interview time with your ghostwriter. During these interviews, they extract and refine your raw ideas, then turn them into prose. All the while, they are conducting research, filling in gaps, and reorganizing material as needed. They expand on your thoughts and words, going deeper to elevate the content of your book. Ghostwriting allows the ghostwriter to write your story for you.

Book Publishing

Let’s turn you into a published author.

Advantage|ForbesBooks offers a seamless and rewarding publication experience for business leaders. Our expert team of ghostwriters, editors, designers, and project managers work tirelessly to produce a book that rivals bestsellers on the tables of national bookstores.

You’ll have veto power over the content of your book, and will sign off on the final copy well before anything goes to print. The writing, design, and distribution of your book will be carried out by one united team. This synergistic method eliminates the hassle of hiring independent contractors. This is the most efficient method for producing a high-quality book in record time.

Our proven end-to-end publishing process saves you hundreds of hours of frustration and indecision. Advantage|ForbesBooks boasts an award-winning team of publishing experts who write, edit, design, and publish a book for you that will grow your Authority.

All Advantage|ForbesBooks writers and editors have gold-plated credentials. Our professionals have worked for Forbes, Random House, HarperCollins, Disney, Time, and more. We’ll be with you every step of the way to deliver literary and visual excellence for your finished book.

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Choose between two publishing imprints:

Authors are given the choice between two world-class publishing imprints. It is critical to choose the imprint that will cater to your objectives. Our experts help you determine which imprint is best-suited to you.

Advantage ForbesBooks
Overview The Advantage imprint is perfect for authors who want to grow their business with a book and don’t have a need for additional authority marketing support. The premium ForbesBooks imprint is for authors with a national or international business that truly are “The Best in Business.” Authors enhance their authority, sphere of influence, and gain exposure to a global audience of executives and business decision-makers.
Book Creation Ghostwriting or Manuscript Review Full Service Ghostwriting or Manuscript Review
Rights Authors maintain ownership and control Authors maintain ownership and control
Distribution 25,000+ retail outlets 25,000+ retail outlets, Airport stores
Marketing Authority Engine Packages, a la cart services available 12-month Authority Engine package and/or Forbes Branding + Visibility Package
Investment $ $$$
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