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We help business owners gain national and local media exposure.

Every publicity campaign we offer delivers significant branding and PR value.

Publicity gives you—and your products, services or businesses—the visibility and credibility that sets you apart from their competitors.

With veteran journalists and media specialists on staff, we leverage our long-standing relationships with editors and reporters. They contact us when they’re in need of expert sources for their stories.

We arrange for you to appear as a guest on television and radio talk shows, and get you featured as an expert source in the A-list print media outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Media Campaigns Available

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    Print Media Campaigns

    Our News & Experts print media campaigns provide you with local and national exposure in consumer and special-interest newspapers, magazines, journals, trade publications, popular blogs and digital news publications. We guarantee a minimum of four million impressions over the 6-month program.

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    Talk Radio Campaigns

    News & Experts talk radio campaigns are perfect for those who enjoy the conversational format and flexibility. Radio show guests are interviewed by telephone from the comfort of their homes. Radio interviews allow you to speak directly to a large, dedicated audience of captive listeners.

    Our talk radio campaign guarantees 15 interviews over the 6-month program.

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    Television Campaigns

    Make a lasting impression on viewers with guaranteed television exposure. We leverage our contacts at talk shows and news stations to help book your interviews. We’ll create the pitches needed to get you on air, and coach you in preparation for your appearance.

    We coordinate closely with you on your budget, targeting the cities and shows on your wishlist.

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