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We help business owners gain national and local media exposure.

Every publicity campaign we offer delivers significant branding and PR value.

Publicity gives you—and your products, services, or businesses—the visibility and credibility that sets you apart from their competitors.

With veteran journalists and media specialists on staff, we leverage our long-standing relationships with editors and reporters. They contact us when they’re in need of expert sources for their stories.

We arrange for you to appear as a guest on television and radio talk shows, and get you featured as an expert source in the A-list print media outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Media Campaigns Available

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    Print Publicity Campaign

    Our print media campaigns provide local and national exposure in consumer and special-interest newspapers and magazines, journals, and trade publications, popular blogs, and digital-only news publications.

    Our in-house PR firm is staffed by veteran journalists and media specialists who understand the differing needs of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly publications. Our publicity team has earned a reputation among the media as a trusted and popular source of high-quality content.

    Our national print campaigns include several action steps that we’ve refined over the years based on innovation and what we’ve found to be most effective. These strategies have secured placements for clients in top-tier publications, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

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    Radio & Podcast Campaign

    Talk radio campaigns are a favorite for clients who enjoy the conversational format and appreciate the flexibility. Radio show guests are interviewed by telephone from the comfort of their homes. Interviews on radio shows allow you to speak directly to large, dedicated audiences, many of whom are giving you their full attention because they’re captive listeners–the commuters and professionals looking to be entertained. And they’re fans of the show host, which gives you instant credibility. If their favorite host thinks you’re great, you must be! We have several former and current talk show hosts on staff, so we understand what hosts and producers need and want.

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    TV Booking Publicity Campaign

    TV is a powerful, visual medium and a popular one among those seeking publicity. Anyone who watches it can readily see just how effective it is. Being a featured guest on a local or national show exposes you to a vast audience. Viewers connect with and remember the people they see on TV because it’s such a multi-sensory experience. It allows your personality to shine and viewers respond to that.

    We coordinate closely with you on your budget while targeting the cities and shows on your wishlist. We try to tie appearances to your travel plans when possible, so that you won’t have to make a special trip for your interview.

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