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Advantage|ForbesBooks is the only company in the world wholly committed to helping you grow your business as the Authority in your field. We have a world of resources to help you begin your journey.

Authority Assessment

Most industries have tons of experts, but very few rise to Authority status. Our Authority Assessment is easy to take and will show you where you excel, where you fall short, and what you can do to raise your Authority. The quiz won’t take long: 5–7 minutes. You’ll not only learn how you stack up, and what you can do about it, but you’ll also be contributing to an ongoing research project.

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Upside: The Business Growth Podcast

A podcast for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders focused on finding the biggest possible upside in business, and in life. Every Thursday we publish a new interview with authorities in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business growth to help you on your journey of business and personal growth. Upside is hosted by entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author Rusty Shelton and sponsored by Advantage|ForbesBooks.

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Authority Weekly

Get the best in business delivered to your inbox weekly. Carefully curated by the senior editors of Advantage|ForbesBooks, Authority Weekly brings top stories and how-to hints.

Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine is a semi-annual Authority Marketing® print magazine and e-magazine published by Advantage|ForbesBooks for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals. Subscribe to have Authority Magazine delivered to your mailbox!

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Authority Summit

Learn how to become the authority in your field, grow your business, and dominate your market niche by building your expert credibility. Join us in Charleston, S.C. in January 2019 for the only conference on the planet dedicated to Authority Marketing®.

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