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Tony Zorc Uses Book To Hone In On His True Message

“Writing this book has changed my life and it’s really crystalized what I’m about and forced me to go back and think about my experiences—how they all add up and how all this has come together. It’s made me ask myself, ‘What is my true message?’" Read More

Tony Zorc

Baltimore, Maryland

Founder of Accounting Seed

Stephen Gerard Takes His Manuscript Over The Finish Line with The Help of ForbesBooks

"The team has been outstanding and all of the public relations, the ForbesBooks Radio, the marketing has really been a lot of fun to see. In terms of being gratifying, certainly there are business opportunities that come from it." Read More

Stephen Gerard

New Jersey and California

Board Chairman of the Leisure Collective International

Dr. Doug Depew Uses His Book To Win New Patients

"New patients are really surprised when we offer them the book and when they realize that I actually wrote the book. It’s helped to solidify me as THE orthodontist to go to in my area, so it’s been a huge practice builder." Read More

Dr. Doug Depew

Atlanta, Georgia

Orthodontist at Depew Orthodontics

Dr. Gregory Corradino's Book Elevates His Credibility

"Since the book was published, I’ve appeared on podcasts and done interviews with physician coaches. The results have been very positive for me. I’ve received a lot of good feedback from other professionals who have read the book." Read More
gregory corradino headshot

Dr. Gregory Corradino

Kingsport, Tennessee


Shelly L. Henderson Uses Book To Launch Her Podcast And Differentiate Herself From The Competition

"I wanted to do something that would take Henderson Properties to the next level and writing a book has done that. It has opened up a wide variety of opportunities for us. It has taken our marketing strategies to the next level." Read More

Shelly L. Henderson

Charlotte, North Carolina

Co-Founder of Henderson Properties

Richard Coe's Book Assists Him In Selling His Business

"There was an unexpected benefit from the book. When it came time to sell the business, this book gave me enhanced credibility with the purchaser. It gave both me and the business more credibility. The result was a very attractive transaction." Read More

Richard Coe

Wichita, Kansas

President of the Financial Planning Association of Kansas

Rod Robertson Featured On Media Across The Nation After Publishing Book With Advantage

"I was on a multitude of radio shows from national ones to local ones. My friends were calling me up from everywhere around the country saying, ‘ just heard you on the radio.’ I talked about a lot of different things and it really was a magnificent experience and really fulfilled what I wanted to do with the book. The book got me in the door and now, in my own way, I’m a national figure and it really makes me happy." Read More

Rod Robertson

Rochester, New York

Guest Lecturer

Charlie Epstein Becomes The "Betty Crocker" of 401(K) Advisors

"When you put a book in front of somebody, they immediately see you as the expert, as the authority, and if you’re lucky, you might even be the celebrity in your marketplace. From a revenue perspective, this book has produced millions and millions of dollars in new business." Read More
charlie epstein headshot

Charlie Epstein

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Founder of Epstein Financial and the 401(K) Coach

Vincent Battaglia Uses His Book To Lobby In Washington, DC

"Having this book, it’s created a confidence in me that I am the expert in this evolving industry. It has garnered me more interviews and more platforms in which to get the renewable message that Renova has at its core and in my purpose to a much, much broader audience. This is my calling card. This has then influenced the business by bringing more attention, meaning more business. There has absolutely been an uptick in our business, meaning its installation in solar batteries since my publication of the book. We are about a $42-million-a-year in revenue company, making us one of the largest of the 11,000 solar companies in the United States. We’re in the top 50. I can honestly say that without the help of Cut The Cord and the great people at Advantage that Renova would not be in the pull position that it is in." Read More
vincent battaglia headshot

Vincent Battaglia

Palm Desert, CA

CEO of Renova Energy

Brent Tilson Sees an 8-Time ROI on Book and Doubles Close Ratio

"I’ve been on over 15 radio shows across the country. I’ve been on multiple podcasts. I’m now doing keynote speaking engagements in front of thousands of people across the country. On a business level, I had an 8-time return on my investment in my very first year. I doubled our close ratio and we had a 50% increase in our pipeline." Read More
brent tilson headshot

Brent Tilson

Greenwood, IN

Founder & CEO at Tilson HR

Kevin Armstrong Grows Business From 6 to 7 Figures In Revenue

"I’ve gone from 6 figures in revenue to 7 figures over the course of just the past couple of years and I attribute a lot of that to the team at Advantage and helping us produce a very, very professional product and helping us how to market that properly.” Read More
Kevin Armstrong headshot

Kevin Armstrong

Seattle, WA

President of The Interdependent Training Group

Carla Moore Quits Job At HBO To Step Into Coaching Business Full Time

"Before the book, I had 52 social media followers across all platforms. After the book, I have 10,586 followers as of this morning. Before the book, I had secured one paid speaking engagement. After the book, I have secured 27 paid speaking engagements. Before the book, my business took in a bit shy of $10,000. After the book and as of today, I have earned over $100,000 in book sales, whether it be online or at my events, speaking fees, coaching and business consulting. They say 80% of all Americans want to write a book but only 1% really do it. If you want to write a book, Advantage is the way to go." Read More
Carla Moore Headshot

Carla Moore

Alpharetta, Georgia

Speaker & Certified Transformation Coach

Speaker Steve Gilliland Becomes Millionaire After Publishing Books

"Today, I consistently produce between $1 million and $2 million in speaking revenue and book sales and employ seven people, five who share my last name. You could say it not only changed my life, but my family’s life." Read More

Steve Gilliland

Mocksville, North Carolina

Award-winning Speaker & Author

Dr. Tim Thayne Says Book Is #1 Way They Have Grown Practice

"It’s really been the #1 way we’ve got the word out and I would say it’s primarily responsible for the growth that we’ve had over the years." Read More
Dr. Tim Thayne

Dr. Tim Thayne

Leehigh, UT

Marriage & Family Therapist, Homeward Bound & Ralliest

Buddy Teaster Gains New Partners For His Non-Profit By Giving Them His Book

"In fact, recently, a big, multi-national company that we were working with in Asia, really couldn’t find the key to unlock the door. I gave the CEO a copy of my book, he read the book, came back after the weekend and said, ‘We’re going to do this.’ In ways that have gone far beyond our expectations. The process and having the physical book in our hands that we can give to people has changed the way that we tell our story and how people see us. The ROI is really easy for us to identify. It’s something that we value far beyond what shows up on an income statement. We would recommend it to anybody." Read More
buddy teaster headshot

Buddy Teaster

Nashville, TN

CEO of Soles for Souls

Dr. Daniel Klauer Uses Book in New Patient Packet

"The book goes through about 10 to 12 patient case studies, illustrating the modalities and the things that we do where in our office. It was a great showcase of what it’s like to be a patient. We send the books out to patients before their appointment. We’ve been using it as much as we can and been getting a lot of bang for our buck. Our process working with Advantage was great." Read More
dr. daniel klauer headshot

Dr. Daniel Klauer

South Bend, Indiana

Dentist & TMJ Specialist

Shay Eskew Quadruples Speaking Fee After Publishing Book

"Shortly after, it’s a bestseller and my life has never been the same. My speaking fee has quadrupled, my demand has gone through the roof. I have had ten times the amount of speaking requests that I did prior to having the book out. Honestly, the biggest satisfaction from all this was just knowing the amount of lives I’ve touched by sharing my journey." Read More
shay eskew headshot

Shay Eskew

Brentwood, TN

Chief Development Officer & Motivational Speaker at Kemberton

Josh Luke's Two Books Make The Amazon Bestseller List on Launch Day

"One of my favorite book covers of all time and it’s my book, so how cool is that? Advantage|ForbesBooks helped me market that book. It went to bestseller on Amazon on launch day." Read More
josh luke headshot

Dr. Josh Luke

Los Angeles, CA

Founder & CEO of Health-Wealth

Dr. Shawn Jones' Book Named Health IT Book Of The Month

"I’ve been interviewed by multiple media outlets and the book has been named ‘Health IT Book of the Month’ and was recently named an Amazon bestseller in Organizational Psychology. Additionally, I’ve been named the Medical Director for Provider Wellness for the largest not-for-profit hospital system in Kentucky. I don’t believe any of this would have been possible, had I not written the book and then enlisted the incredible expertise of my Advantage team." Read More
headshot of Dr. Shawn Jones of paducah kentucky

Dr. Shawn Jones

Paducah, Kentucky

Physician and Senior Partner at Purchase ENT

Henry Evans Finishes Book In 6 Months After Trying For 2 Years

"Absolute game changer! It literally changed the whole trajectory of my career and my businesses that I’m involved with." Read More
henry evans headshot

Henry Evans

San Francisco, CA

CEO of Dynamic Results LLC

Matt Zagula Uses Advantage to Make His Message Neat and Concise

"Life after the book gets you into the position of understanding all of the little steps that are required to deliver your content in a very concise and neat package. What I loved about my experience with ForbesBooks and the folks over at Advantage was the fact that they had systems and processes in place that took you by the hand and showed you how to build that content in the most compelling and moving way. For that, I’m a huge advocate for the folks over at ForbesBooks and Advantage. If you are considering it, this will elevate you in your profession, it will make you the expert in your field. If you are considering it, stop and just do it." Read More
matt zagula headshot

Matt Zagula

Weirton, West Virginia

Financial Advisor, SMART Retirement

Nate DaPore Uses Book To Position His Company For a Strategic Acquisition

"The book was influential in helping to sell over $1 million in new recurring revenue for the business. I’m incredibly grateful for what Advantage did for us, both in the publication of the book, and ultimately, with how they helped us position the company for a great strategic outcome with an acquisition.” Read More
Nate DaPore

Nate DaPore

New York, New York

Former President & CEO, People Matter

Peter Strauss Credits Book With Bringing In Higher Quality Clients

"Prior to working with ForbesBooks, I self published a number of books. It goes without saying that publishing a book with ForbesBooks has been a game changer for us. We experienced immediate engagement. We have seen an uptick, not only in the number of clients, but also the quality of those clients." Read More
peter j strauss captive insurance

Peter Strauss

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strauss Global

Jack Daly Shares The Stage with Shark Tank Judges and Richard Branson

"I’ve gone on to write three books with Advantage. All three of those books became #1 Amazon Bestsellers in the business section. The things that the books have done for me have been amazing. I’ve shared the stage with every one of the people on Shark Tank, other than Mark Cuban, as well as Richard Branson. A myriad of gigs have taken place as a result of the book." Read More

Jack Daly

San Clemente, California

Speaker and International Sales Coach

Jessica Chen Talks About Book Writing Experience Halfway Through

"I meet with the team each week to craft the editorial content, while simultaneously reaching out to other people for content for this book which has given me access to people I wouldn’t otherwise have." Read More
jessica chen headshot

Jessica Chen

Orange County, CA

Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media

Why Cathy Hung Picked Hybrid Publishing Over Traditional Publishing

"I was beginning the plan to write a book about cultural competency for healthcare professionals. As you know, professionals are busy, so traditional publishing was not really an option for me. I did not want to wait one to two years before I had my book. I was introduced to the concept of hybrid publishing. I went to Charleston for the Authority Marketing Blueprint Day, where I talked with the team, not just about my book, but they created a whole business and marketing plan for me. Now that the book is published and available, the American Dental Association publishing department wants to purchase my books and feature under the ADA website/e-catalog for members. This is huge as the exposure will be tremendous. They like my book and feel that it is a very important topic." Read More
cathy hung headshot

Dr. Cathy Hung

Monroe Township, NJ

Oral Surgeon at Prospect Oral Surgery Center

Dr. Sam Burrow Continues To See New Patients Coming In From Book

"Even a year and a half later, after writing the book we’re STILL seeing an ROI and I think that’s super important.” Read More
sam burrow headshot

Dr. Sam Burrow

Charlotte, NC

Award-Winning, Board-Certified Orthodontic Specialist at Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics

Dr. Julie Marshall Makes Her Dental Practice Stand Out From 11 Others In Area

"There are 11 dentists in our town and we definitely needed to set ourselves apart from the other dentists. The book has definitely done that." Read More
dr. julie marshall headshot

Dr. Julie Marshall

Winder, GA

Dentist at Total Transformation Dental & Spa

Ed Basler Doubles Sales Since Publishing Book

"Since we’ve put this book out we have DOUBLED our sales and doubled the amount of customers we have." Read More
ed basler headshot

Ed Basler

Schiller Park, IL

CEO, E.J. Basler Co.

Dr. David Phelps Uses Book For Lead Generation

"For your marketing, there is nothing better than having your book as part of your lead generation marketing funnel. It’s been tremendous for Freedom Founders to have that in our funnel cycle." Read More
david phelps headshot

Dr. David Phelps

Rockwall, TX

CEO & Founder of Freedom Founders Mastermind Community

Wendy Griffis Uses Book To Differentiate Herself From Other Realtors In Her Area

"They really took what was a raw component and turned it into a really nice piece that I can use as a professional business card." Read More
wendy griffis headshot

Wendy Griffis

Jacksonville, FL

Real Estate Agent & Group Leader at Better Homes and Gardens

Randy Nelson Becomes Thought Leader And Opens Coaching Center

"The books allowed me to make the jump from coach and consultant into the thought leadership space." Read More
randy nelson headshot

Randy Nelson

Raleigh, NC

Coach & Consultant

Kevin Eastman Calls Advantage Team "Dream-Makers"

"You’re not in the publishing business, you are actually in the dream fulfillment business, the dream-maker business." Read More
kevin eastman boston celtics basketball coach

Kevin Eastman

Richmond, VA

Former Assistant Coach of the Boston Celtics

Matt Burk Wrote Book That Is Still Bringing In New Clients Years Later

“Don’t wait. Do it sooner rather than later. There is nothing more powerful than being able to drop off a book and hand that to your prospects. Advantage really makes the process easy, even for people who don’t like to write. In my mind, being able to persuade people with the written word when you are doing marketing that is based on educating the people you are talking with and doing it in a book format, I don’t know of any better way to establish credibility with your marketplace than writing a book.” Read More
matt burk headshot

Matt Burk

Porland, OR

CEO of Fairway America

Attorney John Fisher Gains Multi-Million-Dollar Case From Book

"Just within a matter of months within printing this book, it resulted in a multi-million-dollar case with a very substantial legal fee. When people ask me what is the return on investment of a book, for me, that ROI was hundreds of thousands of dollars within just a few months within printing the book. This book has been invaluable. It is the number one thing that I’ve ever done with my practice and I would not publish another book with anyone other than Advantage because they not only make a fantastic looking book but also they do all of the marketing, promotion, audiobook and everything else that no one knows how to do." Read More
John Fisher headshot

John Fisher

Kingston, New York

Owner and Founder of John H. Fisher, P.C.

Greg Taylor Attributes 10-Fold Growth of Practice To Book

"We’ve given out over 3,000 copies of my book in the last seven and a half years and it’s taken my practice 10 fold, from approximately $5 million of production per year to nearly $50 million of production per year." Read More
greg taylor headshot

Greg Taylor

Dublin, OH

Founder of Legacy Retirement Group

Andrew Sherman Publishes First Book with Advantage, Goes On To Publish 26 More

"This is one of 26 books that I’ve written overall. The big plus in terms of being an author is the thought leadership, the respect that clients, prospective clients, influencers and other people in your ecosystem give you when you’ve published one book, two books, or even 26 books." Read More
headshot of andrew j sherman

Andrew Sherman

Washington, DC

Lawyer, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw

Mark Richardson "Gains Control of His Life" With Book

“As an author I feel like I have control. I have control of my life as opposed to others controlling me. This would have never happened if I hadn’t written a book." Read More
mark richardson headshot

Mark Richardson

Washington, DC

Founder of Mark G. Richardson

T.S. Krupa Achieves Dream Of Publishing Book

"It changed my brand, it changed my platform, it changed my projection on where I was going. It gave me a voice I didn’t know I needed or wanted and it gave my creative project. To that I’m forever grateful that because of this work and this dream I had, I’m able to call myself an author.” Read More
T.S Krupa headshot

T.S. Krupa

North Carolina


Amy Demas Crosses Book Off Her Bucket List And Becomes Authority

“Having a book means not only have I crossed something off my bucket list, but it really does make you an authority in your space. Since I started writing my book, I have been published in a peer-reviewed journal with the JCO, as well as other newsletters. I’m starting to get other speaking opportunities come in. This book has become my calling card.” Read More
amy demas headshot

Amy Demas

Watertown, CT

Coach & Consultant for Customer Service

David Stone Says Book Helped Him Make An Impact

“I wrote the book so I could give back to my industry and give back to my community and be able to provide more details to people and give them some ideas of what they should be talking to their advisors about. It made me feel like I’ve made an impact.” Read More
headshot of david e stone

David Stone

Roseville, CA

CFP, Owner of Stone Consulting Group

Eduardo and Erica Campos Cite Their Book As The Best Decision They Have Ever Made

“Deciding to write a book with Advantage|ForbesBooks was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made together, on the professional side as well as on the personal side. It was so good, we are thinking of writing another book with them.” Read More
erica and eduardo campos headshot

Eduardo and Erica Campos

Bellevue, Washington

Authors, Speakers, Solution Designers, Advisors

Suzanne Sweeney's Book Allows Her To Focus On The Part of Her Business That She Loves

"This book has evolved with my business. This book has allowed me to spend time on the aspects of my business that I love the most and am the most passionate about because I spent the earlier years getting it all down right here in my book." Read More
suzanne sweeney headshot

Suzanne Sweeney

Gloucester, MA

Holistic Lifestyle Coach at Energize Body & Mind

Steve Cleland Raves About Advantage's Authority Marketing Blueprint Day

"They’ve done a really incredible job of supporting me throughout this process and I couldn’t have done it without them. For me, working with them was a game changer. They bring you out and you do a full-day brainstorming session about your project, your ideas. You do a tour of headquarters. I probably met about two dozen people from Advantage, so you get to meet the people who are going to be standing behind you as you’re working through this project. I also met with Adam while I was there. He greeted me and knew what my project was. He was pretty excited about what was going on. It was a really awesome experience and I’m really glad I did the Authority Marketing Blueprint Day. It really set me up to launch the book." Read More
steve cleland headshot

Steve Cleland

Los Angeles, CA

CPA at Beach Freeman Lim & Cleland, LLP

Dr. Donnie Hutchinson's Book Allows Him To Focus On His Real Passion

"This book opened up a door for me that led to a three-year leadership contract that brought revenue into my company. That revenue allowed me to build my speaking business, which is my real passion. This book in my business has literally changed my life and led me to my passion. Without this book, I am not sure where I would be." Read More
donnie hutchinson headshot

Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

Dayton, OH

Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and Business Consultant

Jen Coffel Spreads The Message of Her Non-Profit With A Book

"Thank you so much for your service and helping authors like us that need some help with our editing and putting our dreams and our hearts on paper." Read More
Jen Coffel and Kim with Lollipop Tree

Jen Coffel

Schaumburg, IL

President & CEO of Engaging Speakers, Be Well Assured and Handing H.O.P.E.

Chris Prefontaine Blown Away By Authority Marketing Blueprint Day

"I benefited a lot from the Authority Marketing Blueprint Day, where they broke down literally everything I did in the business. That was a learning experience in and of itself, but then that parlayed into all kinds of other business ideas. The team there is absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough about how important it is to write the book and be the authority." Read More
headshot of chris prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine

Newport, Rhode Island

Founder & CEO, Smart Real Estate Coach

Andy Bailey Says Book Is His Company's #1 Marketing Tool

“I got to see Adam Witty speak and deliver his message a couple of years ago at a Gazelles Summit. I immediately attached myself to Adam and said, ‘How do I get my own book?’ He walked me through that process. It was very simple. Took a little bit of time, six to eight months, to get things down, another six months to actually get it published, but the book is all about being the authority in your field. To date, we’ve given out and sold a few of these books. Somewhere close to 10,000 of them. We use them in our sales and marketing process. Any time we get a new lead who is interested in learning more about coaching, we send them a copy of this book in a really nice box. We put a little bit of extra marketing around the book itself. These go out to our candidates, people who have raised their hand. It tells our story extremely well. The #1 marketing tool that we have is our book. It could be yours as well!” Read More
andy bailey headshot

Andy Bailey

Nashville, Tennessee

CEO & Founder, PETRA Coaching

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