Allison Sizemore

Director of Business Process Improvement

As Director of Business Process Improvement, Allison Sizemore meticulously combs through our business processes, proactively seeking out ways to tighten and streamline the creation of deliverables and avenues of communication between Team Members. She previously served as the Director of the Authority Institute, where she was responsible for project timelines, budget, documentation, and deliverables for Members, communicating with all internal and external partners to achieve successful project execution. She has created goal-oriented, engaging marketing collateral for numerous professionals in the finance, law, and real estate fields. Allison contributes a background in independent publishing and marketing research to her current work. Her previous experiences in creative and graphic design, marketing, and project management translate well to her role with the Advantage|ForbesBooks Team. A proud Vermonter who has embraced the southern lifestyle and warm weather of Charleston, you can find Allison spending time with friends and family or tackling a do-it-yourself project in her free time.

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