Darryl LaPlante

Lead Project Manager

Darryl leads a peerless team of Project Managers within the Authority Institute, an in-house marketing agency for our authors. Project Managers work to keep deliverables on-time, on-budget and up-to-par with Member expectations. Darryl, in turn, situates Project Managers for peak performance. Serving as Director of Project Management, he keeps a tight grasp on the agency’s organizational efficiency. He tirelessly pursues new ways to streamline project execution, saving time for both the Member and Team Member. Having served as a Project Manager in the first leg of his time with Advantage, Darryl is able to lend insights and direction to his team. He offers feedback during weekly one-on-ones, where he and the PMs work through any persistent issues in their projects.

Actively involved in the search for new PMs, he takes a hands-on role in top-grading candidates and on-boarding new hires. He has an eye for organizational efficiency, and strives to bring only the most driven, organizationally adept people on board. In addition to managing a team of six and vetting new hires, Darryl acts as our Institute WorkFront administrator, fielding any Team Member issues or questions with the project management software.

Despite his great passion for theatre and the arts, Darryl originally fell into marketing after he beat out over 50 competitors to secure a marketing role with South Carolina Federal Credit Union. This one-year position turned to four, before he chose to shift to a Marketing Strategist role with Palmetto Goodwill. Darryl describes his path as non-linear, but rich in texture and variety. Upon leaving Goodwill, he came on board with Advantage as a Project Manager, where he only continues to excel.


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