Ellie Gilmore

Member Development Representative

In her critical role of Member Development Representative, Ellie is responsible for scouting business leaders with the potential to become our next author. When sifting through the marketplace in search of qualified entrepreneurs, she is drawn to the notion of “the unique success story,” explaining that certain narrative highlights simply set one’s career apart from the pack. This reflects Advantage|ForbesBooks’ firm commitment to fostering diversity in our community of published authors, many of whom overcame incredible odds on their path to staggering success.

Ellie ensures that a continuous flow of potential Members are being put in contact with our VPs of Member Development, whose sole function is to explore the opportunity with them in depth. She possesses a keen understanding of each VP’s personal and professional strengths, thoughtfully matching prospects to VPs in hopes of maximizing the quality of their interaction.

Effortless on the phone, Ellie previously served as a Senior Digital Sales Specialist at Raycom media, a privately owned media firm which owns approximately 65 news stations across the country. There, she was tasked with reaching out to potential advertisers to appear on the Raycom station that broadcasted in their locale. She cites people skills as perhaps the most critical skill in her line of work, explaining that you must be able to relate to people if you intend to succeed in sales. She is native of the Charleston area, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and names A.A. Milne among her favorite authors.

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