Emily Fisher

Digital Marketing Manager

Emily Fisher is responsible for the strategy and execution of all digital campaigns carried out by the Corporate Marketing team. In her time with the Advantage Family, she has cultivated a careful understanding of both our target audience and brand image. She ensures the cohesion of our brand across advertising platforms, vetting all content for consistency, clarity and accuracy.

In her role, Emily leverages a strong set of project management skills, keeping cross-departmental teams aligned on deliverables and deadlines. She coordinates with both graphic designers and writers to oversee the development of critical corporate collateral, like our renowned periodical, Authority Magazine. Emily plays a pivotal role in the lead generation efforts of her team, helping to maintain a tide of new Members coming through our doors. She regularly compiles data on the results of her digital marketing campaigns, allowing the team to remain aware of what messaging and platforms perform best.

Prior to joining the Advantage Family, Emily Fisher served as a Content Specialist for Central Restaurant Products in her native state of Indiana. There, she was responsible for creating and updating SEO-optimized, B2B content. She spearheaded social media marketing initiatives across all social platforms, while managing her team to curate content for each outlet. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University Bloomington. She is passionate about history and loves reading a great biography.

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