Jake Katakozinos

Senior Member Development Representative

In his role of Senior Member Development Representative, Jake joins a collective effort to recruit business executives into our community of published authors. He embodies the spirit of an enterprising self-motivator, stepping into the office each day with a fiercely positive, go-getter attitude. While pursuing prospects, he seeks out those whose business ventures resonate with him at a personal level. Much of his time is spent on the phone, reaching out to potential authors and walking them through our process and value proposition. If he feels their background is in line with our organizational values, he passes them onto a VP of Member Development, who will explore the publication opportunity with them in-depth. His role demands a great deal of resilience, enthusiasm, and discernment.

“I love the nature of sales. In many ways, you’re your own boss. You have to rely on yourself to hit your numbers.” He says, endorsing the notion of professional autonomy. He values the ability to create, test, study, and reengineer his own personal process for meeting professional targets. His role demands an arsenal of traits and skills: effervescence, persistence, positivity, core communication skills, the ability to deftly move past rejection, and a personable nature – all of which he has artfully synthesized and internalized.

He first honed these skills while serving as the Recruitment Chair for his college fraternity, a role which taught him “the fundamentals of selling yourself.” With recruitment under his supervision, he built the largest class on campus, and met the quota necessary for a $2.5 million house expansion. This was only the first of his staggering collegiate accomplishments. After authoring a 200-page manuscript, he wasn’t sure how to go about publication. Driven by an enduring passion for writing, he launched Bulldog Publishing, a bona fide publishing network for students of his university. It served to connect students to professors, graphic designers, and editors who could help them actualize the book they hoped to publish. Jake holds a degree in Marketing from Mississippi State University. He names Hunter S. Thompson as his favorite author.

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