Jonathan Falkenburg

Senior Member Development Representative

Jonathan Falkenburg serves as the crucial communication link between the Team and potential Members, seeking out thought leaders whose business and brand growth goals align with the Advantage|ForbesBooks Member experience. Through his work, Jon aims to connect innovators with the opportunity to publish a book and access a powerful platform from which to communicate their stories, passions, and knowledge. He contributes expertise in business development to his current work, gaining experience in lead generation and research through his previous role in business-to-business lending. His experiences serve him well as he seeks to forge meaningful connections with potential Members. While with the Advantage|ForbesBooks Team, Jon has connected numerous healthcare innovators with the Team and the opportunity to produce real business and brand growth through Authority Marketing and a published book.

As a University of New Hampshire graduate, Jon has a personal passion for architecture and is a devoted fan to his New England teams.

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