Josh Houston

Editorial Manager

Josh Houston collaborates with thought leaders to shape their ideas into the perfect book as an Editorial Manager. He works closely with Members as they make crucial decisions about book topic and format, ultimately translating these in-depth conversations into a book outline and draft. Although today’s health field is often characterized by uncertainty, Josh believes in the power of ForbesBooks to help thought leaders discover creative ways to continually produce business growth and maintain authority status. Josh has gained experience successfully collaborating with dentists, surgeons, and other professionals as an Advantage|ForbesBooks Team Member. A self-described big picture thinker, Josh is excited to work with innovative health Members as they better the lives of others! Prior to joining the Advantage|ForbesBooks Team, Josh shared his expertise as a professor, teaching writing to college students.

An avid reader who spends his free time with his wife and two dogs, Josh earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy and continues to enjoy learning.

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