Nate Best

Editorial Manager

Nate employs his editorial expertise to guide Members through the creation of their book. He conducts quality assurance checks on completed manuscripts. He is regularly checking in by phone with ghostwriters and Members, while delivering feedback to writers. Each work day begins with “Scrum,” the publishing department huddle to review what was accomplished the day prior, and what is planned for that day. A significant portion of his day thereafter is spent reading drafts, holding meetings, and answering questions from Members and writers.

Nate’s role demands the ability to recognize when content is up to par. At the outset of a project, he meets with the potential Member to discuss their book idea and business goals. He has a hands-on role in the review process—overseeing manuscripts in the outline, developmental edit, and line edit stages. He works closely with our team of Account Managers and Member Development Reps to ensure a quality experience for each author.

Having graduated Indiana University with a journalism degree, Nate exclusively sought out a path in publishing. He has worked in editorial departments for the entirety of his career. His first role was with a self-publishing firm, where he worked for three years. Upon moving to Charleston, he joined Advantage|ForbesBooks as an Associate Editor, before moving into the Editorial Manager role. A naturally voracious reader, he enjoys getting to pore over manuscripts each day. He is certified in book indexing, a skill he has put to use for select authors. Nate names J.R.R. Tolkien as his favorite author.

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