Patrick Haughney

Business Systems Administrator

Patrick Haughney leads Advantage|ForbesBooks’ IT department, ensuring the smooth function of all software and tech at our flagship Charleston office. Team Members enlist Patrick’s aid for a wide breadth of technological issues if and when they present themselves. He believes that the ultimate IT specialist should endeavor to “put themselves out of business” by completely eradicating tech issues from the workplace at which they’re employed. This mentality guides Patrick’s work ethic. His work all but guarantees our team can communicate with our Members seamlessly, promptly, and effectively. He cites a firm knowledge of IT, programming, and networking processes as critical to his role.

Patrick values the autonomy of his role, as well as the degree of spontaneity it affords, as no two days are alike. He stumbled into a career in tech, as he did not initially pursue it, having gone to school for political science and philosophy. In his spare time, he is active in the local tech community, volunteering for a charity which introduces children to programming. Additionally, he stays involved with Charleston Digital Corridor, as well as local cybersecurity conferences. Commending his sober-minded practicality, Patrick cites Niccolò Machiavelli as his favorite author.

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