Patti Boysen

VP of Member Development

As the VP of Member Development, Patti Boysen provides expert insight and management to help entrepreneurs become the authority in their field. Patti has an illustrious, 20+ year career in the publishing industry, celebrating her 7-year anniversary with Advantage this past March.

Prior to joining Advantage|ForbesBooks, she was the President at Advertising By Design, Inc., where she had a track record of successfully developing and managing marketing strategies for high-growth corporations. She worked with Fortune 500 companies, individuals, and associations, providing creative direction and oversight to their marketing campaigns. Patti’s solid project management skills demonstrated the ability to streamline operations and increase productivity, while she excelled in both traditional and online marketing activities.

Having years of leadership under her belt, Patti guides the Editorial and Design teams to create beautiful books that share our Members’ stories, passion, and knowledge with the masses and benefit all mankind. She has personally helped over 800 CEOs, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and authors build their brand and business through publishing a book.

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