Rachel Friedman

Director of News & Experts

Rachel Friedman, Director of News & Experts, has 11 years’ experience in the public relations profession. She has helped gain publicity for clients in such publications as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes and People Magazine, and has helped arrange on-air appearances for them on Good Morning America and the Today Show, among other TV programs and radio shows.

Friedman, a Cuban-American, was born in Hialeah, Florida, one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. She attended the University of Central Florida and began her career as an international corporate trainer for a well-known restaurant brand. In that position, Friedman traveled to such countries as Guatemala, Mexico and Chile, honing her skills in relationship management, information management and customer care.

After five years in that job, Friedman joined News and Experts, a national firm that pioneered the guaranteed-PR model. Initially, she was a print campaign manager, but over the years worked in every phase of the company, including sales. She held the title vice president of media operations before her promotion to Director.

Friedman says her greatest passion is the excitement that comes from pitching a client to journalists and getting those journalists to respond. “It’s the chase that excites me,” she says. “It’s a challenge to figure out what pitch will get the response you want and I love it.”

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