Roya Rodieck

Corporate Content Writer

As a Content Writer on the Corporate Marketing team, Roya crafts fine-tuned copy for a range of company marketing endeavors. Under the direction of senior Team Members in the Corporate Marketing team, she produces and edits blogs, magazine articles, Member success stories, whitepapers, newsletters, and website copy as needed.

Prior to joining the Advantage family, Roya undertook a content-writing role for legal marketing agency, LawLytics. There, she produced over 50,000 words per month for the firm’s prestigious attorney clients, consisting of blogs, landing pages, and other web copy. Admitted to the University of Arizona at age 16 with sophomore standing, Roya launched her career as a writer doing freelance work for a host of companies. While still in her teens, she ghostwrote content for the Warren Buffet owned firm Berkshire Hathaway, among others. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in History six months before she could legally drink!

A native of Tucson, Arizona, Roya “landed” in Charleston after a 6-month trek around the globe.  The excursion took her from the furthest reaches of Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro to 24 states in the US, squeezing in Rome and Venice for good measure. In her free time, Roya consumes pop culture critique videos like air, and hunts down the best dessert shops in her area.

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