Steven Janiak

Chief Product Officer, mLive

Having a personal brand website is crucial to building your brand as it will serve as the home base for all of your marketing efforts. Steven Janiak, Web Designer at Advantage|ForbesBooks, is an integral part of developing our Members’ personal brands online. He’s present from planning to execution, always keeping the Member’s wants and needs at the forefront.

Steven heads up the team of designers and developers who build our Members’ websites from the ground up. He maintains the Member’s online presence after the website is launched— including adding the latest press hits, creating landing pages for social campaigns, posting blog entries, and making any other content changes. Steven also keeps track of the servers on which we host all of our Members’ websites, ensuring they run smoothly and can handle the bandwidth of traffic. A man of many talents, he also designs and maintains our corporate websites, Amazon Best Seller website campaigns, book landing pages, assessment building, and much more.

Working in this changing and innovative field requires Steven to stay abreast of modern trends. He credits Advantage|ForbesBooks with giving him the chance to achieve his personal goals and demonstrate his values, providing him with a passion to grow in his field.

When Steven was first hired in 2015, the entire Authority Institute team consisted of a whopping four people. Now, it has grown to over twenty-five. “My biggest achievement while working here has got to be the number of websites we have released since my start date,” he says. “Looking at a timeline of the websites, I can tell that my design and development skills have only grown bigger and better with each new site.”

Every Member that joins our family has a truly unique story. Applying the mood and theme of that story to their online presence, through web design and development, is inspiring for Steven. “I enjoy creating personas for our Members and seeing their gratitude and excitement when what I designed and developed matches exactly what they dreamt up in their head—and beyond.”

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