Y-Danair Niehrah

Associate Editor

As an Associate Editor for Advantage|ForbesBooks, Y-Danair Niehrah works towards the back-end of the Publishing pipeline, doing a mix of copyediting, proofreading, source checking, and a bit of writing on back covers, introductions, conclusions, and about the Authors.

Before Advantage|ForbesBooks, he worked for two years as a food runner/server on the Spiritline Cruises at Patriots Point in Charleston. Born and raised in North Charleston, Y-Danair went to the College of Charleston for Creative Writing and got his MFA in Creative Writing at Queen’s University of Charlotte. His parents were both from Vietnam, where his father is Montagnard/Degar and left Vietnam in 1975, and mother is Vietnamese and left Vietnam in 1982.

A self-proclaimed video game nerd, Y-Danair loves playing everything under the sun in his spare time. Aside from that, he’s been playing drums for 15 years, bass for 8 years, and dabbles slightly with vocals and guitar. He mostly plays progressive rock/metal but is currently branching out towards funk. For exercise, he practices martial arts at Charleston Krav Maga, and is also a very diehard MMA fan.

Y-Danair also has an unhealthy obsession with Corgis and Shibas and would like to own both breeds in the future, is a coffee addict, and is extremely close with his family, despite not being close geographically.

“I love working at ForbesBooks because not only do they encourage me to pursue my passion in writing and editing, but I get to put everything I have learned so far to practice on a daily basis, which is rather fulfilling, considering those with English degrees usually get a bad rep,” he explains. “In addition, everyone here is so extremely warm and welcoming, and any pressure or stress I feel working here is because I want the team to meet the goals, not just me, which is great because everyone constantly looks out for each other and are willing to help.”

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