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Thank you for requesting a Fast Start Implementation Kit. Your copies of Book The Business and Authority Marketing should arrive in your mailbox within 5 to 7 business days! The audiobooks have been emailed to the email you provided when filling out the form. If you are having any trouble accessing these resources, please email us at 

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  • If you enjoyed the interview between Adam Witty and Verne Harnish on how Scaling Up was grown with a book, you’ll love our FREE Lead The Field Seminar. This seminar gives you tactical ways to integrate Authority Marketing and your new book to grow your business to heights you never though imaginable. Gain access to the seminar here. 
  • Learn the ins and outs of publishing your first book and which publishing option is right for you. Download our free guide here.
  • Want to skip ahead and get started with us? Request a Publishing Consultation to talk about your book idea and how you can use your book to grow your business.

Grow Your Business with Advantage

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Authority Marketing® Blueprint

Begin with the end in mind. Most Advantage Authors begin their journey with a customized Authority Marketing Blueprint. Crafted in person or virtually, our publishing and marketing experts build your 12-month Blueprint that outlines a strategy and implementation plan to grow your business as the author and authority in your field.

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Create Your Book In Less Than 24 Hours

We know that time is your most precious asset. Advantage Media is the pioneer of pain-free book creation. Our famous Talk Your Book® and ghostwriting programs have helped hundreds of professionals create books. Requiring less than 24 hours of your time (and over 250 hours of ours), we create and publish a beautiful book that rivals the quality of any book found on the front table of major bookstores.

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Authority Marketing Services

A professional business book can be the differentiator to grow your business, but who will guide you on the plan, launch, and execution of an authority, celebrity, expert-focused marketing strategy? The Advantage team of marketing and business growth professionals provide turn-key, done-for-you marketing implementation to ensure that you get the most from your book.

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Authority Insiders Forum

When you become a member of the Advantage or ForbesBooks, you join an exclusive community of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals focused on business growth. Our Authority Insiders Forum is built for authority leaders that want to learn and grow from some of the world’s foremost experts on branding, visibility, and marketing through quarterly in-person and virtual events.