CA$H In On The Move From Offline To Online

Even If You Don’t Think That Your Business Has An Opportunity Online…

In just 60 days E-Commerce, Has Grown More Than It Had In The Past Decade…ignoring this opportunity, could be DEADLY to your business….

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States in early March 2020, America (and the world) have shifted from offline to online at a dizzying pace. It was as if someone had dropped a cement block on an accelerator pedal. As the graph below shows, e-commerce has grown more in two months than it has in the past 10 years!


E-commerce has grown more in two months than it has in the past 10 years

As new, COVID-induced online purchase patterns now become habits, experts expect that online commerce, marketing, and sales will continue a rapid climb with further adoption.

Most businesses rely on in-person marketing and selling of some form or fashion. The most common and popular are trade shows, conferences, and calling on prospects and customers in-person (aka face-to-face selling).

All of these critical business development avenues have been temporarily stopped because of COVID, and are likely to be significantly less attended and “productive” even when things get “back to normal”. 

According to a survey of Fortune 500 CEO’s (Source: Fortune Magazine), 52% say they and their companies will travel less in a post-pandemic world.


Post-pandemic Business Travel

What is a business that relies on in-person marketing and selling to-do?

Businesses must accelerate their discoverability, relevance, and omnipresence online. The problem with online advertising is that most of it is aiming for you to buy something right now. Most consumers are online to search, discover, and learn, in essence gathering information prior to making a purchase decision.

COVID should be a call to arms for all business owners. If you and your business aren’t highly discoverable, relevant, and omnipresent online, it will be impossible to win the future.

When I speak (now virtually!), I often ask the audience this question: If I Google your name, will I have to pack a lunch? In other words, when I search your name or that of your company, will I find so many results that I’ll get hungry just looking through them all? If I won’t need a lunch, you’ve still got work to do.

In 2020, Google remains the #1 search engine in the world. Amazon is the #1 “buying engine.” YouTube and Audible command significant traffic, too. Being discoverable, relevant, and omnipresent online should be your #1 marketing strategy. If your business is struggling through this pandemic, it is your #1 survival strategy.

“Authority marketing, writing and publishing a book, and all that is associated with it are fully about making yourself discoverable, relevant, and omnipresent online” says Rusty Shelton, Publisher of ForbesBooks and, my co-author of Authority Marketing.

Positioning yourself and business as a thought leader and expert provide significant competitive advantage. The content of your book should be broken into blog posts, articles, whitepapers, podcasts, videos, and speeches that are all distributed and optimized for online traffic. Being discoverable on Amazon, Audible, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and YouTube is how businesses will play to win in a post-COVID world.

The essential question for every entrepreneur is this: How do you make your business antifragile?

As COVID has disrupted and decimated millions of businesses around the globe, the entrepreneur’s imperative is to fortify his or her business and make it COVID-proof.

Being discoverable, omnipresent, and relevant online is your first line of defense.

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